As i went to sleep last night, i was wondering about the direction, if any, i want this blog to take. Do i want it to be political in nature? Religious? Biker? or just general meaness and mockery about all of the above and at life in general?

I dont know… it may be more seinfeld in nature – a blog about nothing lol.

But who knows. All i can think is that this is going to be one helluva lotta fun!

There is one thing that bothers me however about blogging. Trying to gauge the bloggers personality. The written word is not a medium that lends itself well to how a person truly “is” in real life. aw crap, that was my last smoke. So, you will find my entries to be liberally peppered with lol’s, and sidebar comments that will indicate my mental processes or thoughts, or lack thereof, my body language and assorted and sundry things like that.

Will i offend you? Mebbe. ok, probably lol. Will i make you laugh? if you are as deranged as i am, i certainly hope so.

I just hope you enjoy the show!

Keep the rubber side down.