Well dear readers, it appears that i have finally begun this journey called “Blogging”. It could be very interesting lol. Just some things you ought to know about me. spell check is optional, i type as i think (stream of consciousness) and grammar is a waste of time. But those are just my personal preferences, my spelling and grammar may improve as i go on, they may not. I personally dont care lol.

My names Jenny – and welcome to Socially Unattractive! Think of this as kinda your online biker bar. I”m crude, rude and socially unattractive, or if you remember your Breakfast Club, i’m pathetic and sad, but social. Im also a bible believing born again Christian, Ugly Christian Biker #45 (i think, i cant be expected to remember these things) and a member of several biker forums on Delphiforums.com. I.E I Ride A Harley. Im married to Grumpy – slickback in real life. He’s also a Vietnam Vet Agent Orange Era. He got to ‘Nam right after Tet in 68. When he gets too uppity, i remind him, honey, when you were in ‘Nam, i was 4… shuts him right up lol.

My political leaning is probably too extreme for Attila the Hun, but i have my human moments that keep me if not grounded, somewhat balanced. Ahh balance – now there’s a subject for another blog! *note to self* dont forget! oh the fun i will have with that one!

I am also the proud parent of two offspring. I am also convinced now that God gives us children so that death doesn’t come as such a disappointment. But – they’re mine and i couldnt be more proud of my spawn. You may hear snippets about them from time to time. But since they’re teenagers – send money. Please! Trying to feed my 16 year old son will put me in the poor house.

Also am the proud momma of two furry kids, Kilo and Pez and staff to Bones the Mighty Hunter. You WILL hear snippets about them lol.

I am also memory challenged due to having entirely too much fun as a teenager. If time goes by and i dont post, i’ve forgotten. Someone – smack me upside the head and get me started again! *note to self – put a note on the monitor – jennyspeak/socially unattractive. Post butthead.

Well – thats about all i can think of for now – and it gives you a half decent look into the mind of Jenny. Well, no it doesnt, but i think you can figure out what direction this blog may go… . I can guarontee you one thing though, if you are as demented as i am, you will enjoy my musings. My motto – other peoples stupidity is my amusement.

And I am very amused…