I have yet again, *rolling eyes at myself* spent the last coupleafew days thinking about my blog, what i want to talk about, what i want to do with it instead of writing in it. But it got me to thinking that I first ought to pay homage to the guilty parties without whom this blog would not be. Does that make sense? For without whom etc etc? *shrugs – enh* Remember, i told you grammar isnt one of my strong points.

But there are people out there who deserve the blame for the fun that will follow – and blame them i shall! =) Starting with, and in no particular order – My husband Tom aka Grumpy. Someone you will be hearing much about as i spend our down time together tormenting him and giving him enough chit to keep him on his toes. But – if not for him, i would not be here now. I couldnt ask for a better partner, helpmeet and fellow inmate in my asylum. He’s even screwier than i am, the laughter abounds in our home!

My kids – minime and manboy. I am constantly amazed by the gruesome twosome. I used the benevolent neglect method of raising them, and by god in heaven, they turned out (and are still turning out) completely beyond anything i could have hoped for. (yes i’ll end my sentence with a preposition and you’ll have to deal with it!) Somehow though, i have a feeling that minime thinks she’s the parental unit of the family lol. And manboy – he is everything a mother (like me) could want in a son. He’s funny as h#ll, incredibly intelligent (if only he would apply himself…) street smart and a in the now kid. I’m thrilled that they both inherited my love of music – as well as my sick sense of humour. Its that sense of humour that will get them thru the rough spots in life.

My pals kate, alleycat, pete and patti, derb, lisa, brexpat, dearest muppy, alla, goodsass, judy, christine, joe, cappy and sungoddess, preacher and mud duck. I couldnt ask for finer friends or support group. Some of them dont realize just what an impact they have on my life. And some of them i actually listen too *seg*. Whether they believe me or not lol. Ok, most of the time i listen to them 😉 .

My family. Pop, Steph, Bear. Without them some of my finer stories wouldnt exist (remember momma sow steph??? bwhahahahaha).

I also want to thank my mom. Mom, i miss you, still. You’d be proud of me, finally.

So – with all that fru fru said and done – you now know who to blame for me writing about the insanity, humour, mental anguish and anger that is life. My life lots of times. If it wasnt for the guilty parties telling me yes i can. . .

A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be sitting next to you saying D#mn that was FUN!