As i told you before gentle reader, music is my life (even above horses and harleys lol). For many years, it was my best and only friend. Music has always been a mainstay in my life, its always playing in the background in my home (however, the kids have been told their stereos can NOT out crank moms lol), in my car – almost wherever i am. My graymatter jukebox is ALWAYS playing as well. Screw the top 40 crap – gimme the Grateful Dead, most 70’s music (EXCEPT DISCO – THE ANTITHESIS OF ALL MUSIC LOVERS) etc. To sum it up lol, i listen to classic rock n roll. But i have expanded my repertoire – my guilty pleasure is Eminem (I just adore that little guy lol) and my new favorite band would be A3 (Alabama 3). They’re a brit band that wrote the theme song for the soprano’s – and the rest of their music isnt for the faint of heart lol. They’re as sick and twisted as i am! I love you Larry Love…

You’ll notice dear reader that i left out the 80’s. I was very angry during the 80’s and i despise the big haired pleather bands of that time (there was not enough substance to balance out the crap imo). I cant stay on the 80’s subject for long – anger issues lol.

I also believe that music is the source of all life. I believe God spoke, bang it happened – but i believe the Word he spoke was the perfect chord, one that can not be reproduced and it is filled with all the love, joy and hope in the world. I’ve searched for that perfect chord all of my life, and i will continue searching for it until i go home. But thats just my personal thoughts on that.

As hindsight is always 20/20, i wish now that i had gone to college and majored in music. I have perfect pitch, but i can not sing outside the shower. I can tell when a note or chord is off. But had i gone to college back then, i wouldnt have survived, and can you imagine little ole self destructive me in the music industry? lol. I.Need.A.Smoke.

I can think of nothing more fun than sitting in the bar discussing the merits of different artists and where some of them may be now (can you believe that after all this time, some yahoo doctor is saying Jimi Hendrix was murdered?). Pretty soon they’ll include Janis, Jim and Mama Cass as well. Pathetic. They cant include Stevie Ray as he went down in a helicopter crash, and Jerry’s huge heart gave out. Jerry, i miss you so much, still. I always will.

We all know John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman. I hope he fries for it, and I would like to be the one to fry him. *yes, i am exceedingly harsh*. I, as a rule, dont hate (takes too much energy) but i make an exception for MDC.

Do you remember where you were when your favorite artist(s) passed on? I do. =(

Golden Earring is on right now – Radar Love. One of my all time favorite driving tunes. When that comes on the radio, the radio gets loud, the windows go down, and my foot becomes heavy lol. One of these days, i’m going to make the ultimate driving disc lol.

Music is to me much like riding the bike with grumps. My mind becomes still, zen is at hand. Its about the only time i’m not thinking. Music makes my heart soar – with magical wings of its own. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – Bowie. John Barleycorn Must Die – Traffic, Pink Floyd (all of it – cept i can not drive while listening to Animals…). Renaissance. Fairport Convention (maddy groves rocks). Zeppelin, Who, Doors – music to free your mind from its confines and open it up to new possibilities and ideas (i LOVE Rage Against the Machine – ahh i am such an anarchist at times!).

However, the one problem i have with classic rock radio stations is that they play the same old tired songs over and over and over, while ignoring the hidden gems on the rest of the album. One of these days, i’ll get sirius radio or something like that and see what the fuss is about. But if i hear Satisfaction one more time, someone will get hurt lol.

I was fortunate (snorts) to have parents who let me listen to what i liked in the car. I know it drove my parental units absolutely bonkers, but they encouraged my love, desire and need for music. I played drums, flute, gitar, and had years of piano lessons, none of which i remember lol. I can read music if given enough time to remember what i learned years ago lol. But can i actually make music? No. Not to my satisfaction, and i have very high standards where music is concerned. But back to my parental units encouraging my love of music… when we would be driving wherever we were going, pop would ask: is this blue mike (pink floyd), zinc dirigible (led zeppelin) the windows (the doors)… and i would laugh and try to figure out who he was talking about. Never let it be said that my pop doesnt have a sense of humour! My parents let me crank my stereo as loud as i wanted it (mom would bang on the wall to let me know i had a fone call, or dinner was ready).

I also love to use music to torment people… πŸ˜‰ For instance, i love nothing more than going to my bar and hitting the jukebox. I play music that we all like lol, but then…. out of nowhere comes RATM’s Killing in the Name Of, or Eminem’s Lose Yourself. Oh the looks on the patrons faces is PRICELESS. Someone will say – “WHO PLAYED THIS”. i smirk to myself, stand up (i’m 6 foot) and say “”I did as sweetly as can be. And they all turned away from me on the bench there, and the hairy eyeball… (flagrant lift of Arlo’s Alice’s Restaurant). They all look at me, the little (ok, big) deadhead sitting at the bar, and say “YOU PLAYED THIS”?

i laugh.

Crap. I’m still outta smokes and getting annoyed.

I also have huge problems with the PMRA (d!mn you tipper gore and ms cheney). Why should warning labels be put on records? Parents need to take a bigger interest in what their spawn is listening to, rather than to make a friggin law out of it. In the immortal words of Eminem in White Ameria – F*ck you Ms. Cheney, F*ck you Tipper Gore… πŸ˜‰ . God bless Frank Zappa, Dee Snider from crap – memory blank, I’ll remember it eventually lol, and the rest of the Artists for having the courage to stand up to congress and essentially telling them they’re aholes and to step away. But did congress do that? Once again, our *cough*leaders*cough* failed to listen to the Artists much less the people and now, our records have warning labels on them. Bloody ridiculous imvho. Parenting is another subject i’ll get to – but so you know, it does NOT take a village to raise a kid. It takes PARENTS WHO CARE ENOUGH TO BE PARENTS, NOT JUST SPIT OUT KIDS WILLY NILLY AND EXPECT OTHERS TO DO THEIR JOB. But thats another subject that gets me angry so i’ll leave it at that. For now. *very evil grin*

Ahhh Van Morrison – Caravan. I can listen to Van the Man all day long. I had an opportunity to meet him back in the early 90’s – but as most things do in my life, it fell thru lol. But i did meet the Moody Blues! Totally awesome.

One of my all time favorite shows was Hot Tuna, acoustic at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby PA (philly burb). The tower has perfect acoustics and not a bad seat in the house. Just Jorma and Jack, gitar and bass. I saw the Water Song in colour… . I’ve seen over a hundred concerts in my glory days. Ted Nugent at the Tower, 8th row. I couldnt hear for 3 days but Ted was/is Magnificent! I just love him and want a poster of him over my bed. U2’s Joshua Tree Tour. I went to that 3 days after major surgery lol. As you can see – nothing will keep me away from my music lol.

The Dead shows need not be mentioned. If i have to explain, you wont understand. But here’s a shout out to the Civic Center shows – and backstroking back onto the floor to Estimated Prophet with my Pal Al… man that was fun!

I could blog about all my concerts for days on end lol.

Music will be a common entry here. I may even try to figure out how to archive my posts by subject/content rather than date lol. But i must say, without music in my life, i wouldnt be here now. If i had the choice of being blind or deaf, i’d choose blind hands down. I’m very well traveled and have seen a lot more than most – but i simply can not imagine a life without music, be it classical, contemporary christian, classic rock and some of the newer stuff.

I remember when i was a teen, talking with my pal al and last and least, little lonely lee about who we would marry when we were grown *chuckling – grown. i’ve found that to be relative*. I knew i would marry a construction worker, a biker or a musician. My first husband is a bricklayer – and one of the best i have ever seen. (yes, i can say nice things about him). Grumps is not only a biker, but a musician as well. He plays harmonica, gitar and keyboards and my god he’s good. He cant read music, was never formally trained, but the music he plays thats in his heart and mind is awesome. But if i hear Ghost Riders one more time…. lol.

These are just my initial musings on music. I can and will go on and on about it. Because – a life without music is no life at all.

Disturb the neighbors – CRANK IT UP!!!