So, i’m sitting here wondering what i should write about. I have so many thoughts that go thru my head sometimes that if i had a laptop with me everywhere i go, and wireless access, this blog would be a hoppin lol.

But…. i’ve decided that mebbe i need to keep a pad and paper with me at all times so when a thought shoots thru the graymatter, i can write it down for a future blog. What i’ll do at 3am when i wake up… i have not a clue lol.

I think things like “do fish get bored”? “Why dont traffic sensors pick up our bike at the light so we can make a safe left turn?” “Why cant i get those awesome tye dye’d chucks???” (why would i say that you ask? Well – i didnt tell you in my initial post that i am a hippie born 15 years too late. Tye Dye is an instrumental part of my wardrobe). Having teenagers like i do, they both wear those god awful plaid shorts. One morning while minime was waiting for her ride, i looked at her and said, sadly, Plaid Shorts? To which my darling daughter replied TYE DYE!

ok, so i couldnt say anything after that.

But i observe life and all its idiosyncrasies (not to mention the sheeple who just p!ss me off because they can not think for themselves and are a waste of oxygen…) and i just have to wonder. Why? Why are the sheeple so stupid and afraid to think for themselves? I raised the gruesome twosome to be free thinkers, to question authority when a wrong arises (completely unlike how i was raised). Otherwise, how is change effected? Change. Now thats a sticky subject i’ll leave for another entry. Again, i’m not politically correct and it aint pretty. And i dont care what other people think of my views.

So i’m sitting here, listening to the quiet outside and am still wondering what i should write about. Should i write about my self destructive tendencies? Should i write about my glory days, full of war stories? *dont worry, my war stories are funny and any and all references to my altered state at the time wont be mentioned lol*. Crap, this is my last smoke. Music is a subject that will be righteously covered – its my first love *traffic’s playing on the radio right now*.

Well – i will write about my self destructive tendencies (momma always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun. but momma =- thats where the fun is… thank you manfred man and the earth band for that). And i will record, for all posterity lol, my glory days (man i had fun then lol) and i WILL be writing about music. I’m thinking of staying away from politics right now however. I am to the far right of Attilla the Hun (I’d scare him lol) and i abhor the socialist direction we’re moving in. Its going to get to the point where grumps and i will be heading for the mountains, guns and bike in tow. But i digress.

Will i write about religion? But of course lol. Thats a huge sticky point for me as i abhore, ABHORE organized religion of any kind. I am sure i will anger many people with my views on that subject, even though i am a born again, bible believing christian.

Will i write about the Obamatron singling out a “white” harvard cop for arresting a “black” professor? Your d!mn straight i will. But not now. Once i start writing about the Obamatron, the secret service will be showing up at my door… *seg*.

Will i write about Acorn doing the annual census? do you really need to ask that? lol. All i will say on this subject right now, is if Acorn shows up at MY house – the ONLY info they will get from me is the number of people living here. Legally, i dont have to answer anything other than that, and if they refuse to leave, i’ll grab my handy dandy riot shotgun. Ahh Spaz, you are my best friend lol. If i even think they’re gps coordinating my home, the shooting will begin. Or i’ll sick the hounds on them. Whatever amuses me at that time will happen.

Will i be writing about bikers? Yupper, as that is what i am. For all who’s interested, go over to the West Texas blog i have on my favorites list and search for the Attack Squirrel of Death story. Trust me… 😉 I’m even considering asking the owners of the bar i go to to get wireless net so i can take someones lap top with me out drinking lol. But my friend Patti said: Jen, you dont blog in a bar, you drink and laugh. (which we do, frequently lol). I think Patti and i provide most of the amusement at the bar lol.

Its still early, and Joe Walsh is now playing. Seems to me….. 😉 and i’m outta smokes. That is not a good thing. Argh – my beloved took my cell to work with him. grrrrr.

But… write i will. About anything and everything that tickles my funnybone (most everything does), makes me think/wonder, and yes – about that which p!sses me off.

You have to ask yourself, am i the sheeple – or the Sheepdog, guarding the sheeple from the wolves…