I’m fairly certain that i have mentioned the heinous hounds/terrier and territorial cat in previous posts, so i figured you all ought to know one of the reasons for my insanity.

Now i’ve had dogs all my life. I simply can not imagine a life without dogs and it took me 7 years to talk grumps into getting a dog. Kilo is mommy’s woofie, and Ki knows mommy loves him most (i tell him that repeatedly lol). Then there is the Pez, minime’s dog (yeah, right – i’m the one who feeds him, puts him out and cleans up after him). He’s the little dog of the family (and i prefer big dogs – go figure) but he think’s he’s as big as Ki. Sometimes i wish i had a herd of westies, they’re so much fun! So you know lol, Kilo is the big black dog (roughly 100 lbs). the Pez is the little white rat dog freak lol (he’s 17.6lbs lmsao).

No pet entry would be complete without discussing the family cat Bones – aka The Mighty Hunter. We did not find out until recently that when the kids (and bones) were younger, they would play Catch Bones after school lol. This is also the cat who got depressed and had to go on valium because we got another kitten (the late, unlamented smokey – and then maddie…). When we moved to where we live now, we decided Bonie needed to be an outdoor cat, mebbe that would help. That is one of my favorite stories! (i dont have any good pics of the Mighty Hunter – need to get camera…).

Little did we know. . . lol.

But, its time to see pics of my furry kids, mommy’s babies, and best friend(s)!

Dogs dont make your life whole, but they do make your whole life.