To cook, or not to cook; that is the question i am pondering now. Do i feel like cooking? Am i really hungry enough to cook? Am i glad grumps isnt home so i dont HAVE to cook? (oh absolutly lol).

I love to cook gentle readers. I love to eat – and i love to eat good food. But i just dont get motivated enough to really go all out, plus, most of the time, no ones home! So – why cook?

Food is an important fact of life. Its a necessity. It is also something i went without for a long time during my misspent youth, which is probably why i have a serious love of good food now. Thats not to say my mom couldnt cook – she sure could, and i have her recipes. But as a teenager, being home wasnt on my list of priorities and food fell to the back of the list due to having entirely too much fun lol.

So fast forward to now. I’ve been raising kids for years, i’m healthy *snorts* and i now have a serious love of food, cheese in particular (BEHOLD THE POWER OF CHEESE!). I have spent years tweaking some of my moms recipes to perfection, and i have also spent many an afternoon puttering around the kitchen, wondering if this spice would taste good and if this experiment would work. Thats how i discovered that horseradish in deviled eggs is incredible! I’ve cooked a london broil like you would a chateaubriand – with a reduced red wine sauce, just by trying this that and the other thing.

I like good, fresh, well prepared food. I like Olive Garden. Their baked cheese – holy chit my eyes roll back in my head. Houlihans – their ‘shrooms are insanely good, but they dont serve the shrimp scampi anymore, which really blows. I do recommend the goat cheese bruchetta! But would you believe i have never had a prime rib? I never saw the need when i can have a filet mignon!

I like to watch the Food Network, but grumps has informed me that if i am not going to cook what i watch, i can not watch the shows when he’s around lol. He doesnt understand – in order to cook properly, you have to have money. You do NOT chince on ingredients. Meat especially! But someday, i’ll cook him something i saw lol.

I am also very picky as to where i get my meats. I go to Lapps Meats, the butcher in Parkesburg. Holy crap their meat is incredibly fresh and their applewood sausages – magnificent! I’m very picky about my regular sausage as, when i was a kid, we’d go to illinois to visit my mom’s family (this gives new meaning to small town lol). I’d have sausage that was fresh from the hog and i’ve never found anything nearly as good since. I remember that before we’d leave, we’d fill up an ice chest and bring home pounds of the sausage! It is that good.

Im not a big fast food fan. But i have to give a huge shout out to Chik-Fil-A. They have the bestest chicken sammiches ever and their coleslaw – rocks! I’ve been eating CFA since i was a child!

One of my all time favorite meals (summer meals) is tomato’s fresh from the garden, covered with cottage cheese, garlic and onion powder, lemon pepper, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of lemon juice. Breakstones used to make a “tangy” style cottage cheese that made this dish magnificent, but they no longer make it. Seriously bummed bout that. I also make that using fresh mozzarella as well. Tasty!

All that being said lol naturally there has to be something wrong with this picture. Jen never likes everything! Well gentle reader – i will admit it. I’m afraid of orange food (but will eat the occasional orange). Pumpkin Pie is NOT an option for me. Nor those nasty sweat potatos or yams or whatever their called. ICKY! I just am totally grossed out about it. I also will not eat any food on my plate that is touching other food on the plate. I will eat around it lol.

Someday i may post some of my favorite recipes for you to try. Probably not my potato salad recipe though – thats an ancient family secret!

Well, my beloved is home and i’m still debating whether to cook or not to cook. Actually i’m waiting for him to say FEED ME LOL. If i do cook, tonights dinner is bacon and mater sammiches (i dont like lettuce lol). Life just doesnt get any better than that!

Food is not an option. Good food is required.