Know, you all know by now, i’m a biker. I even have a patch on my riding vest – Heavily Sedated For Your Protection (thats the gods honest truth – i am heavily sedated for your protection lol). I have a story about how grumps and i nearly went down (or rather i was almost thrown from the bike). I have a story about trying to kick some yahoo riding a crotch rocket off his bike. I am not allowed to be armed in any way shape or form while on the bike.

Doesnt leave a lot of room for fun for me eh?

I even have my bike license, but grumps has an unnatural attachment to the sporty and rarely lets me ride it, even though i fit in nicely, leg room and all. I’m thinking about getting a crotch rocket personally. I want to be able to pull a tom cruise in MI – doing a front spinning wheelstand while shooting a pistol *eseg*.

The entire month of june, we had rain. Every.Godd!amned.Day. Out of 30 days, we had 5, count ’em 5 clear sunny days. No wonder i lost my mind in the beginning of july lol.

But – what i want to do here is post pics of our various rides (not sure if the 76 sporty is here or not, i may have to scan that in). I’m having issues with trying to post pics so if at first you dont succeed….. i’ll figure it out eventually. And accept my apology for oversized pics…

Somewhere up there is our current ride – an 04 (i think) 883 Sporty, punched out to 1200. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “punched out”, that means the engine has been “enlarged” for lack of a better term, to a 1200 motor. Its quick. It handles like a dream. I can ride this bike! She’s a pretty blue, with awesome graphix we got at . I highly recommend Ihotrod.

The orange ride is Agent Orange, our old softail custom. There was something wrong with this ride when we got her – she wouldnt turn left, she had to be man handled. I rode her once. She was too big for me, and too heavy for me to pick up when grumps distracted me and the bike died and started falling over, onto my right leg. lol it was so funny. I was straddling the bike, with my leg under it, holding it up as best as i could so gas wouldnt pour out the tank. Grumps said i didnt dump it, but to me, i feel like i did. But i found out – that bike did NOT want to turn left, no matter what i did.

The blue bike with Grumps posing is our old wideglide. Holy crap i loved this rocketship! Even though tommy almost dumped me while out running a very nasty storm. We pulled into the shed seconds before the deluge hit! We had so much fun on that bike!

You know, its really bugging me that i cant see the pics i’ve attempted to upload from photobucket. I wonder if i’m using the wrong code. Lemme try again! I’ve figured it out lol, but what i’d like to figure out is how to put a pic with the corresponding para. Oh well, i’ll figure it out eventually, and ya’ll just have to bear with it! I couldnt find any online pics of our old shovel. In time i’ll scan and upload. But i loved that bike, even though the top end repair and other fixes took up 3 pages of the receipt and our mechanic wasnt sure how we rode that bike without it blowing up on us (there were metal shavings in the jugs lol).

We got the wideglide after grumps saw a pic of us on the old sporty. Remember – i’m 6 foot tall. My knees were at my chin lol. Funny i dont have that problem with the new sporty, the leg room is good and the seat *happy smile*. Well let me put it to you this way. After years of mustang buttpads, the stock seat on the bike feels wondermous on my butt lol. She’s a little different now than you see in the above pic – tommy put on new bars, moved and changed the headlamp (we’re having issues with it though) and he may, in time, fabricate new pegs for me so i can stretch them more often. My legs/knees are fine even after several hours riding, but its good to get off and stretch occasionally lol. Its my back that actually needs the rest.

But those are/were our rides. I’ll tell the obligatory stories in time (like riding into a forming tornado, getting caught in a horrendous thunder/lightning storm, trying to kick a jacka$$ off his bike *abashed grin* and oh yes – riding to the York Harley Open House for the first time… ). And perhaps i’ll tell bar stories as well – if you havent figured out yet that i hang in biker bars, you dont need to be reading this blog lol.

And someday, i’ll post my thoughts about riding. Those may be my best posts as i feel/think deep thoughts while riding. Its my Zen time – my mind is quiet and i get to enjoy the peace and scenery of the countryside around me. And listen to the pipes echo through the cornfields… . Ahhhh Zen.

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