Good morning Gentle Readers! Please accept my apology for not being here this last week – i managed to cop a job for a couple of weeks and i am enjoying it thoroughly! I’m up at 5, leaving at 6 and i’m working my a$$ off all day long. I get home covered in paint, hit the ac and pass out on the couch till grumps gets home lol. Asides from the fact that i am discovering muscles i wasnt aware that i had (or used since i labored for my ex years ago lol) i come home feeling like i’ve done an honest days work, exhausted but happy. Being outside all day long (and around horses) is doing me a world of good! (at 43, i can still scamper up and over the barn/pasture gates!!!)

I’ve had several ideas for blog posts, but i still havent managed to get a note pad to keep with me lol. I’ll remember them eventually!

So – i think i will comment on things said to me, near me, around me and generally overheard by yours truly!

My darling daughter minime came out of her room the other day (shocker, isnt it???) to tell me that she now knows who my “favorite” is lol. She said, and i quote – you said all that about manboy, but nothing about how beautiful and intelligent and awesome i am (she does not know the meaning of humility but is funny as h#ll lol). I had to remind her that i’d been bragging about her in hte forums i hang at for years and that it was manboy’s turn to be bragged on by da momma lol. So, in order to have peace in the house, and placate my beauty =- my daughter is beyond incredible. 3 figure IQ, photographic memory and a physics major at that (its easy for her!!!). Shes a stunner to look at (dont even think it boys… i AM da momma bear…) and can kick the living chit out of anyone who messes with her (grumps and i taught her well). Now to get her a handgun/concealed carry so i wont worry about her in college! She’s like me – shoot to kill first, ask questions later. She is everything i ever wanted in a daughter and i couldnt be more proud! My children are my finest accomplishment – the best thing i ever did (next to marrying grumps).

Mimime stories to come later… *seg*

Its my day off today and i couldnt sleep past 4.30. go figure.

Well – since this post seems to be about my family, no blog would be worth reading if i didnt mention my birth family. Pop and i dont get along too well (its better than its been though). Probably because we are too much alike, and the fact that pop doesnt know when to stop lol. I’d love him to come live with us, but we’d kill each other in hours lol. You see – i worry about my dad, alot. and i love him, alot. Talking to pop can be, at times, um – frustrating? You see – as brilliant as my dad is (minime got her intelligence from him, it skipped me lol) he just doesnt listen. And then i’m told i’m mean to him, sarcastic etc.

You’d think that he’d know by now i’m most of the things he told me i am as a rule lol. But according to minime, i get frustrated by him, quickly. I do. He will ask me a question and then question my answer. God help me if i dont know something or he doesnt like the answer lol. Or i get the same question framed differently. As frustrating as pop is – he’s my dad and despite all the things that were said and done over the years – he’s my pop and i am exceedingly proud of him. You see – as an Attorney, he’s one of, if not the best, in his field. He was even published in teh Congressional Record way back in the 70’s – and received threats from the sheeple who disagreed with him. How many people can say their pop received serious props like that? I think its so cool!

I used to love going to philly when i was a teen and play for the day downtown and use pops office as a home base. All the attorney’s were wonderful to me, as well as the secretaries! Then pop and i would go to the Old Original Bookbinders for a fabulous lunch! Oh i miss those days. I miss them so much. And Mischief Night always rocked. Pop would go out and buy us supplies on the condition we hit this house, or that lol. It truly doesnt get any better than that! DAD – YOU BE DA BOMBIEST!!! =)

However, in teh beginning of my lost years lol my father told me DONT YOU EVER CALL ME FROM JAIL! because of my fear of my dad, and the fact that jail aint a place for me lol, i went out of my way to avoid getting busted. I have a very strong self preservation instinct and i always knew when something bad was gonna go down and left before it happened. lol out of all my friends back then, i’m hte only one who made it to “adulthood” without being arrested. Well – i was once, but thats a story for another day. If you cause enough trouble for the cop to want to deal with, they’ll let you go *seg*.

My dad brings out the worst in me – but if i really think about it, somehow he’s managed to, at times, make me feel worthwhile. I know i’ve caused him enormous amounts of stress and anger, and he’s spent thousands trying to keep me alive (which really p!sses me off sometimes) but its also because of his pushing me, threatening me lol, praising me (it does happen…) and dedication to keeping his eldest alive that makes me love him even more. He’s put up with a lot with me, and deserves a statue in his honor, for that alone.

I can realize it now, but my pop has always been filled with wisdom (but not common sense lol – apparently the beyond super intelligent have common sense issues lol) even though i refused to listen to him. One year when we took the gruesome twosome to the airport to go visit their aunt steffy in florida (i was running late and had a hellacious migraine and i still managed to pull an oj simpson and run thru the crowded terminal, jumping over luggage to get to pop and my kids before they got on the plane lol). I remember getting the kids on the plane and standing there with pop watching for them to take off. I asked pop if mom would like grumps. He thought about it for a second and said yes – but remember, its not what a man does to you that matters, its what he does for you that matters. He then went on and pointed out what grumps had done for me – changed and saved my life. I’ll never forget that pop – thank you!

I’d also like to thank Pop (and mom) for giving me a very privileged life. However, it takes a very special talent to throw away every golden opportunity handed to you on a silver platter lol and i know i am a disappointment to my dad in some areas. I’m ok with that – because i know that pop doesnt understand that we all have our paths to follow, the good, the bad and the ugly. My path just happened to be very antiauthority, antiestablishment, and antilife. And it still is *eseg*. But because of my pop’s success – i’m remarkably well travelled and i can not thank him enough for giving me that opportunity. Summers in Longboat Key, or Illinois, Bar Association “meetings” in Hawaii (twice), the Carribean (several times and next to jolly ole – my favoritest place in teh world), sent solo to Europe twice – i’m awed and blessed at having the chance to see the things i’d always dreamed about. Pop – you will never know just how much all that meant to me!

One warning about pop however. DO NOT TOUCH HIS CROSSWORD PUZZLES!!! He does the NY Times puzzle, in ink. When i was a teen, my pal al was over and picked up one of pops crossword books. Mom and i told her, dont let pop catch you doing that…..

Pop came home shortly after that, caught pally with his book and stood behind her, making her finish the crossword puzzle (he had her conjugating verbs in french lol). I just said, meetcha upstairs pally and split, laughing! She came upstairs an hour later and said why didnt you warn me? I told her mom and i did…. lololol.

Pop will probably read this and think i’m slamming him. I’m not. Not at all. I did have to get somethings off my chest – but Dad – never ever think that i dont love you. Despite my best efforts, you’ve always stood behind me (i’m not sure why though). My dad did the best he could with his black sheep daughter. And while we fight because he wont listen or shut up, Pop -= i love you so very very much, no matter what. You’ll always be my daddy, no matter how big an a$$hole i can be.

I’ll never ever understand though how my dyed in the wool ultra conservative father voted for the obamatron though…

Thank you pop. Thank you so very very much! (((((((daddy))))))))