Misfit you say? Indeed gentle readers, I am not only socially unattractive, but im an earthbound misfit as well. For now lol.

I rarely know what i’m going to post when i click the post button. Sometimes i actually do have a theme, but this morning – i’m drawing a blank lol. *note to self – get that d@mned notepad!!!*

So…. i’m sitting at the bar with patti yesterday, bemoaning the fact that we have to train a new bartender (SHE LEARNS QUICK AND ROCKS). We both drink the same thing, black cherry vodka, oj and cranberry (oh so refreshing). BUT… i prefer ez oj and heavy cranberry, while patti prefers it the opposite. One day while sitting at the bar, Annie was mixing our drinks when some yahoo said: why are you making them different?

uh – duh. she said, and i quote: Thats how they like it! you just gotta love a bartender who’s got your back!

I enjoy sitting at the bar, bullchitting with my friends. I have serious music discussions, but politics DO NOT BELONG AT THE BAR. i dont care who you are, who you ride with, but if you bring up politics, i’m bitchslapping you on the back of the head lol (like i did the one ph who commented on my shirt *2003 MLF*. i misunderstood him and when he explained… i got a helluva chuckle but smacked him nonetheless). I simply adore him. Aw who am i kidding, i adore anyone who can make me laugh.

And laugh i do at the bar. Drinking was never a big thing for me after i turned 15, so when i met my beloved, he introduced me to barlife (and took me, of all people, to a country bar!!! ick). I’ve never looked back. I have no problem going to the bar and sitting there drinking water. I go for the company, not usually to drink, but drink i do lol. Never fear gentle readers, i know what i am and i monitor myself carefully. I rarely have more than 4 drinks. I also drink a large glass of ice water with every drink.

I like being an earthbound misfit. I’ve never truly fit in anywhere except the biker community – because they accept you for who you are. And boy did that annoy my parents when i was a teen lol. While pop appreciates the complex machinery of a motorcycle, he is scared to death that i ride – and had a minor cow when i finally told him i got my bike license. I wonder what he’s going to say when i tell him i want a crotch rocket. My son just looks at me like ive lost my mind when i tell him that lol. He just cant picture his mom riding a bike! BTW i’ve not told pop about the incident last week when grumpy and i hit a pit in the road and i was all but thrown from the bike. If not for the b!tch bar…..

Lol – i was thinking yesterday before patti and i went out what pop had told me about my writing – i write well, i use action verbs etc. Now i told you all grammar isnt my strong point – and my dad did all my grammar (ahh sportster guy is going for a putt, good for him!) homework in junior high because it totally escaped me. So i’m thinking yesterday while waiting for patti – what is an action verb. So – i did what any self respecting misfit would do – i called pop and asked him! He tried to explain it to me and said something about transitive adjectives (i think). Uh – pop, what is that? lol. Pop finally broke it down into jennyspeak so i could understand! And shocker of all shockers, it made sense!!! Well, it did then – this morning, its a mystery again. But i’m totally content and happy pop critiques my blog and gives me direction (and here’s a shoutout to Joe – thank you honey for your input – that meant the absolute world to me!!!).

I”m hoping that christine is reading my blog. I’m OK now Christine, or as OK as i’ll ever be lol. But what really needs to be said to Christine is Thank You for being there. You will never know what that meant to me. And… Thank you for being there for Pop! although i wish you hadnt told him….

Holy crap – the humdidities are killing me. gotta find my inhaler. But my blast furnace hasnt turned on, yet…. Thank god for hair products designed for the humdidities, or i’d be looking like BroomHilda from Bugs Bunny… 😉

Sometimes i look back on my life and wonder how did i make it this far? and i think of the future and it scares me to death.

While was working with pete this week painting, i told him and leroy the story of the fainting goats and how i want a big pasture full of fainting goats and a long driveway. That way, if i had a bad day, i could drive slowly down the driveway, honking the horn and watching the fainting goats go stiff and fall over. Pete looked at me in almost horror and said: You’re sick!

hee hee hee

tongue tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, am i!