i wish i knew, what i had to do…

That my friends are some of the lyrics to Supertramps Even In The Quietest Moments, one of my all time favorite songs from one of my all time favorite bands. Roger Hodgson is, imo, one of the most talented songwriter ever.

That being said, i’m not sure what it is i have to say. I’ve been thinking alot recently about politics (from the Latin poly meaning many, and tics meaning blood sucking parasites). The purpose of my blog is not political in nature, but… sometimes i will have to comment on what i’ve heard, read and got really pissed off about. And politics is a big angry thing with me.

I truly believe that my country, the greatest country in the world committed suicide in the last presidential election. I see socialism coming, and coming fast.

Obamacare? Now thats f*cked up. Socialized healthcare is the worst thing he can do to “help” the health care system. Quite frankly, i find his chicago style politics disturbing and i fear for our future. Or rather, i fear for my childrens future as they are going to inherit the trillions of debt that the obamatron will impose on us. Now thats not to say that Dubya didnt leave us screwed, he did – but its my honest opinion that the tron will destroy this country from within -= his request for “snitches” is very telling.

In my world, snitches dont last very long. Do any of you really think that gubmint snitches will last long, and how much do you want to bet that the black suburbans will show up at my house as i am very vocal about my disgust with obama, pelosi (i hate her almost as much as i hate hitlary) and the rest of the fatcats in office. I read an amusing post at delphiforums, where i hang out, that some posters there are sending information to the feds because they dont like this person or that person, or was in a “war” with them. Again, i refer you to my statement above about the black suburbans. I would almost guarontee you that trolls have sent my info to the gubmint. BRING IT ON – YOU LOST ALREADY….. you know who you are, and more importantly, I know who you are. *eseg*

Re Healthcare – what do you think our elected reps would say if they had to have the health care the tron wants for the sheeple? oh H@ll no – they’d say. WE pay for their healthcare people… and they have the best care available – and depending on rank (i think) for life. Again, thats F*cked up!

Then there is the CARs gubmint website. Are you aware that if you log into that site, or probably any gubmint site, they drop a trojan in your puter which allows them access TO YOUR HARDDRIVE at any time?

Uh hello – can we say hello to Big Brother Obama???

We now have the rabid left and loony libs whining about the Teabaggers and how we’re treasonous. The last time i checked the US Constitution (you remember, the document that our country was founded upon…) we the people have the right to peaceful protest/assembly. And the right to freedom of expression/speech. And God Bless the NRA (of which grumps and i are members) for ensuring that We the People have the right to arm ourselves. Now i will not advocate violence (unless i hit defcon4..) at townhall meetings but it appears to me that the elected “leaders” are not allowing dissenting opinions – and god help you if you criticize the Messiah! He really doesnt want to hear what i have to say to him. Its not pretty. But what does that tell you gentle readers when dissenting opinions are forbidden by local, state and the feds?

Can we say Nazi Germany???

Cash for clunkers. Now thats a riot – and in typical gubmint stupidity, if the program is allowed to continue, will put many people out of business. Junkyards will soon be a thing of the past. But do our “leaders” see that? Oh H@ll no. They want us in new cars which, if i read correctly somewhere lol, will have the technology to track our whereabouts and again, if memory serves (stop laughing) we will/can be taxed on mileage.

There is not enough profanity in the world to express my outrage at this.

Re Illegal immigrants. What part of ILLEGAL do you fail to understand? They are NOT undocumented workers – they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. And in true Jennyspeak style – speak english or get the f*ck out. Try going to your local wallyworld and asking for assistance. The “workers” dont f*cking speak english! Uh hello Sam – your customers are getting very fed up with this. I’m going to get an INS shirt to wear at wallyworld and see how fast the store clears out.

I do NOT believe the tron is a natural born american citizen. He is NOT my president. I believe that his presidency is the biggest con the left has pulled yet.

I have to stop this rant now gentle readers, as my blood pressure is rising to critical mass. But for all of you out there who feel and believe as i do, its time to stock up on guns, ammo and dry goods. Lock and Load my friends. Revolution is coming… along with race riots.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

If you’re not outraged, your not paying attention.