the above picture shows exactly what war is good for – and who the good guys really are. You can say “absolutly nothin” which is the next lyric, however – war has ended slavery, nazism and any other ism out there.

While i am not a proponent of war; its messy, its loud and people die – it is a necessary evil. You all ought to thank Our Servicemen and women who have the courage, honor and heart to heed the call of our country and our freedom. I am the very proud wife of a Vietnam Vet. My BIL is Special Forces. One man went when he was called by his country to fight. Another man saw the necessity of protecting the sheeple from the wolves. (right now the wolves are our own gubmint but fighting terrorism is a necessity….).

Ahh terrorism. Dont get me started about the jacka$$es who hide behind women and children while fighting. Dont get me started that islam is a peaceful religion. Dont feed me the line of bullchit that Sharia law is ok. Dont get me started about a people who treat their women as subhuman – barely chattel.

Im an alpha female who has no problem whatsoever ripping a turban off a head to b!tchslap them silly. I’m an alpha female who wants to nuke the middle east. I’m an alpha female who see’s the truth of Sharia law (and it aint good). I’m an alpha female who wont take chit from her man, or any man for that matter. Jenny in a burkah? rotflmsao you’ve got to be kidding me!

I refuse to accept the nonsensical ravings of a child molestor, ie mohammad and the koran. There is no way whatsoever that those who worship the writings of the koran can peacefully exist with those of beliefs other than their own. By its own words, the koran dictates its followers to kill infidels (ie jews and christians).

Yet you say thats a peaceful religion huh? Are you really that stupid??

Wake up America. Islam is infiltrating from within. Detroit has the mullahs call to prayer broadcast city wide 5 times a day. If it was a Christian thing, the liberal/democrat sheeple of this country would have a temper tantrum. Good lord and they’re already trying to stop the use of words such as Merry Christmas because it “might” offend someone. but we must not offend the islamic followers… particulary barak hussein obama…

I’m sorry – but you do not have the right not to be offended. Buck up, shut up and deal with it – as you all insist WE do.

And Ive decided that its time to fight fire, with fire. and I hope i offend you. Again, if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.