Good morning gentle readers! Coffee’s up!

Yes – you read right – jenny’s on the road again! I bought a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo last night and i’m tickled pink. She’s in fantastic condition and i did a carfax on her which is the reason we bought the car lol.

There are some light cosmetics that need to be done and my beloved is in charge of that. Its something he excels at. All i cared about was did the jeep run and does the radio work? Yes – the car runs and runs well, the radio doesnt work BUT it has a working tape deck AND a cd player! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! I can fix the radio though – but i’ll have music with me and thats all that matters.

Before grumps and i split last night to pick her up, i packed all the necessities that i have to have in my car – the back end of a pool cue (i’m a woman who drives alone…) several tapes (grumps HAD to have hidden my Rage Against hte Machine tape…) spare gloves and shades. I Warren Zevon’d my way home last night! Accidentally, like a martyr…..

I need to toss my spare boots w/socks in the back, along with a spare blanket. I am one of those people who tries to be prepared. Which reminds me – i need a first aid kit in the jeep. And a frisbee! =)

When i woke up this morning, i thought it was a dream that i got a brand new second hand car. But when i looked out the window – there she was and all i could do was stand there and hold back tears. I no longer have to depend on the kindness of my friends to take me where i need to go, nor grumps having to leave the keys to the truck for me (the brakes need work and he was worried when i drove it). I dont like having to depend on people. I have enough self esteem issues as it is and to be beholden to someone, irks me. Now was that a great use of a little big word or what???

I finally own something outright and no one can take it away from me!!! THAT gentle readers is a first in my life.

But back to the cosmetics lol. There is some paint peeling on the roof and minor scratches – they dont bother me. But all in all, the paints in pretty decent shape. The interior needs a little tlc and grumps is the one to do that. BUT THE B@STARD STILL WONT LET ME PAINT A SMILEY FACE ON THE HOOD!!! He no longer has the excuse “RESALE VALUE, RESALE VALUE” lol. Im sorry, but does anyone else see the irony here? He’s not aware yet that i’m going to install a PA system… (i got the idea from him, he installed a pa system in his old truck lol). God help the stupid driver in front of me – they’ll hear, loudly, YOUR STUPID PULL OVER! or HANG UP AND DRIVE DUMBA$$… *eseg* I also plan on installing a sound effect box, just for chits and giggles.

When we brought her home last night, i wanted minime to take pics so i could get manboy off my back lol and she said, in that tone only a 19 year old has: its raining and i dont want to take my camera outside.

it was barely raining… *rolling eyes*

On our way home last night, the wheels were mushy a bit and i needed gas quick. We got to the wawa at downingtown to gas up and air up the tires and i noticed a nail (naturally, it would only happen to me) in the front driver tire. That explained the low air pressure in the jeep and after grumps aired it up, it drove much much better. But today, im going to see bob at the junkyard to see if he can plug it up for me. I like bob – he’s a band dad at the highschool, a biker and all around good guy.

For you car guys out there lol, she’s got an inline 6 and the engine was very clean. Grumps climbed under the car and was blown away – no rust on the frame or undercarriage, but the brake lines are a bit rusty. He can fix that with rust be gone or something like that. I find it amusing, during my youth, my best bud lemon was a car guy and i spent years listening to him talk about cars and watching him work on cars and i still, to this day, dont know a thing about an engine lol. All i need to know is where the gas tank is, where the fluid tanks are to top them off and thats it. I have a man to take care of the rest lol. But i do need a Chiltons Jeep book so when we need to fix something, grumps will know how to do it. Failing that – there’s always Garry lol.

Now i can finally, when time allows, go up to my pal als for a girls weekend out – but more importantly, i can take minime to college in a couple of weeks. I am SO looking forward to that – probably more than she is (but she wont understand, its a mom thing). I cant wait to see the school and help her move into her dorm room. And then cry as i leave and cry all the way home, like i did at her first year of camp. I can feel the empty nest syndrome starting… and it sucks. At least i’ll have manboy at home for another two years to torment! =) I love you Son… 😉

Ahhh a girls weekend out is just what the doctor ordered. I will be posting about that soon lol.

I was going to pick up patti when i got home last night and take her on the maiden voyage and break the jeep in *seg* but grumps wanted to give her a good look over first and i’m glad he did – somehow the headlamp on the driver side wasnt pushed in enough and it melted something. He fixed it but we need something lol. Again i am not a Car Jenny lol. So Patti and i are taking our rape pillage and plunder tour today!!! The passenger side light cover was yellowed, but grumps has something that cleans it up and man – the improvement is remarkable!!!

I’m happy. I’m mobile.

Movin right along, footloose and fancy free…..