That gentle readers, is the only quasi adequate way i can explain the current events forums at Delphiforums where i hang out. I’m known as Just Jenny McDerbish (imjustjenny).

I started at delphi years ago, only because grumpy was looking for something and stumbled across a forum. He read it, shrugged and walked away from the puter. I read it and LOVED it lol. I had never done the messageboard thingy so i figured why not. It was a christian biker forum and there i met some of the people i love most in the world.

I then stumbled over to the current events forums. Sometimes i look back and wonder why. Why on earth do i go to forums where people get a kick out of insulting people in the name of “debate”, where the cries of “trolls” are a frequent occurance. (in the interests of fairness, i have made some very very close friends there).

What is a troll you ask? Well, asides from the usual definition, a delphi troll is a member who has either been summarily banned from the site due to very bad behaviour, or someone coming into a forum with a different identity to cause trouble.

I’ve met people who think its cool to use their employers software to do background searches on other posters and use it to humiliate them, i’ve met people who call those they dont like at their place of business (only obtained by doing a background check) and screaming at them and then, there are those who file patently false police reports against others. Lets not forget those who try to get posters they dont like, fired from their jobs using again, their employers software to do a background search.

Does the phrase: how old are you and didnt you leave grade school behind sound appropriate to you who have fully functioning gray matter?

It gives me much gratification that i am among the most hated by a bunch of trolls who have serious, serious mental problems – one of which is the most hypocritical “christian” i have ever met. They cant touch me, and they know it.

But then i found the biker forums. I never looked back. While my primary forums are biker – i do read at several current events forums, just to get a take on the “state of the sheeples” emotions. My god, the anger, rage and outright stupidity of well, lets be honest, most of the c/e forums stuns me. Most of the c/e forums are basically the web equivalent of a mosh pit. I dont understand the mentality of those who get off on belittling others. Do they think that little of themselves that they have to prop themselves up by terrorizing another? Sigh. Apparently so.

But back to the biker forums. I have met what i can honestly say are down right good, outstanding men and women who ride. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of meeting many of them – and those in my area – we try to get together a couple times a year at a biker bar in merryland ( click the pub tab). I was able to fly to tejas to go to a housewarming party and met even more of the people i hang with regularly and love dearly.

When i had my hyst, my friends at the saloon had my hospital number and called me daily to make sure all was well. He who must remain unnamed lol made my hospital stay very happy and has become a beloved friend and as far as im concerned, family member. He’s been to my home and is always welcome here. That my friends, is something you will NOT find on the c/e forums. If, in the c/e forums you are “down, only those who side “with” you will try to find out how you are. The rest have the usual bullchit to say – i hope he/she dies etc. Yes – its that bad.

That is the difference between bikers and sheeple. We (bikers) are always there for each other, no matter what. We’re loud and opinionated, but we come together when necessary for a brother or sister who is down. And we have a whole lotta fun!! =)

I just went back and reread what i’ve written so far. lol I started out talking about the insanity that is delphi’s c/e forums (ok, political lol) – and offtracked into a different category. Thats typical jennyspeak lol but at least i didnt pull a liz like grumps has… I’ll explain that later gentle readers lol.

I have met what can only be termed as people dumber than whaleshit – and those who truly are rocket scientists. I’ve met people who make me laugh so hard i’ve asked them to marry me. I’ve met people who, in 3 posts or less start calling you a nazi. just because you dont agree with their political views.

I have a small circle of very close friends in teh c/e forums. We are a wide variety of beliefs -poli and spiritual, walks of life – yet we all like each other for who we are not what we are, think or believe. But what i see as more disturbing, is the people who will band together simply because they are this or that and have no interests in looking beyond and finding common ground. I find such smallmindedness very sad. Sad for them because they choose not to broaden their psyche.

i’ve said before that i’m a bible believing born again christian. while my witness SUCKS and my walk flawed – it doesnt change what i am inside – but its also enabled me to be more tolerant in many ways (and i’ve always been pretty tolerant – just dont shove things in my face). I dont care if your an athiest, agnostic, pagan, left, right, middle of the road or nutty – thats not important to me – i like to get to get to know what makes people tick. What makes them laugh, what they think about. And most importantly, what kind of music they like! “Disturbing” subjects are like a huge boulder in our walk together. We can either bang our heads on the rock, knowing it wont break, or we can walk around the block, agreeing to disagree (cause its not that important overall) and continue our walk thru life together.

Bob Dylan said it best – we all want the same thing, we just see it from a different point of view.

But the sheeple think their pov is the only right pov. You must understand, whether your like it or not, some things are truly black and white – no gray areas. But the more devious sheeple try to convince you that wrong is right. They have their own agenda’s and imo, need to be stopped before they destroy this country.

And we decide which is right, and what is an illusion.