Ahh gentle readers – that is the story of my life, but not for the same reason clinton tried to pull off on us lol.

I suffer from self induced memory issues, meaning i had WAY TOO MUCH FUN as a teenager. Do i regret it? nah – those years, the good and the bad made me who i am today and well, i kinda like it.

I think this post will be a ramble on rose post. Just complete free association/stream of consciousness thoughts since im having trouble pulling it together today, i’m bored, and im too lazy to get my blog book where i write down blog ideas.

I think i need a laptop so when the inspiration hits, i can either wifi into jennyspeak or notepad it all down for future copy and paste lol. Its funny – i get most of my inspiration while sitting at the bar talking with my friends. But patti has informed me that i am not allowed to blog while at the bar! But. But. But. aw c’mon patti – it’d be great to sit here with our drinks and blog at the same time!

NO – you do NOT blog in a bar….. Ya just gotta love a best bud who only has your best interests in mind. I did offer to pay for wifi at the bar when i’m employed so i can blog while drinking – just dont tell patti! lol.

I was just thinking – nobody really knows what jennyspeak is, cept for my pal al who coined the phrase jenspeak to explain to a bud what some of my “comments” mean. To wit – jenspeak goes something like this:

Chokes – I must go to the local convenience store and purchase cigarettes.
Za – now c’mon – i thought everyone knew that Za means pizza….
Rugrats – children,
Spawn – MY kids lol.

If given enough time, i may perhaps remember the others, or i could just email pally and get her assistance. But since she cant remember her own Ode to the Pony Bottle…..

As i’m sitting here at my beloved puter, i’m also indulging in my favorite past time – men watching. I’ve been known to pull over across from a construction site, just to watch the men. But what could Jen be watching if she’s sitting at her puter you wonder quietly to yourself?

Men of course. This time its the landlords guys trimming and cutting down tree’s. Its about time actually. There are widowmakers galore here, along with tree’s ready to come down. They eradicated all the trees that lined the hill up to my street – tree’s with roots exposed and all they needed was a big wind to come down and block my road – and that actually happened one year. I went out for chokes, got halfway down the hill and had to turn around and come back home. I couldnt get out to the main roads!!!

But back to Men watching – its a fun thing for me as i appreciate immensely the male physique and i try to keep the drool to myself. I’m not always successful though at hiding my admiration for the male species. Grumpy and i were at the wayside one night and a most incredible specimen of malehood walked in. I’m surprised my eyes didnt pop out of my head! I thought i was being slick in checking him out (ok, repeatedly during the night, the dude was a slammin hottie) until grumps said: if you look at him one more time, we’re leaving.

Yes sir.

That however was the 2nd and last time i was caught checking out a guy by grumps. I cant help it – i like men. *big grin*. I am also a horrific flirt – but not not with the intention to stray. I dont fly that way and that is set in stone – everyone knows it. Flirting is just a whole lotta fun and it makes “them” smile. I like to make people smile and laugh. That makes me happy.

Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes you dont remember the things you want to remember, and then you remember, with painful clarity, the things you dont want to remember. Sometimes all it takes to trigger memories is a scent. I can not walk into a camera store where they develop film. That is a huge trigger for me and i start shaking and have to leave. Those are the memories i dont really want to remember. Sadly however, perfect clarity. But then i’ll smell johnson and johnsons baby shampoo – and poof – i’m back to when my children were infants *smiling softly*.

But then there will be site memory reminders – sometimes the way the sunlight falls on grumps hair can take me back to when he first asked me to marry him at St. Petes, lounging on a boulder. Naturally he doesnt remember that lol. A farm or cornfied can take me back to my youth, vacationing in illinois where my mom grew up (holy crap they are GREAT memories). A large garden, with blackberry bushes reminds me of my teenage years – my mom could grow anything!

Memories are shared by those who you were with at that time – but the perspective and actuality of the memory can be different from yours. I will remember something, but pally remembers it differently. (mine is the correct memory… lmsao). Fortunatly, pop doesnt remember a whole lot of my, ahem, fun years …. Praise the Lord and pass the potatos!

I remember graduating from highschool and being so proud – no one thought i could do it. I didnt think i could do it. Getting kicked out of your hs in 11th grade makes for interesting times ;). Highschool memories will be featured as time goes on… but only the good, not the bad.

Speaking of memories – grumps actually got my birthday right this year – both month AND day. It only took him 14 years to get it right.

I think its shower time.

Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day, fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way…