Good morning gentle readers! For those of you too young to remember this tune, it was the big hit by the Boomtown Rats in hte ’80s. Granted the tune was about a young woman who’s wiring *tripped* and she went postal, but i still hate mondays.

I simply cant think of a worse day to “start the week”. Why cant we abolish mondays and start on tuesday?? Its even worse when you are unemployed, all the days tend to run into each other and you soon forget what day it is. Thank god for calendars!!!

But calendars arent always right. My mom had a ziggy calendar that started on monday, rather than sunday. I missed so many appointments thanks to that lol. I also find that alot of my headaches start mondays. Coincidence, i think not. But with the proper meds to keep my debilitating migraines at bay, i am not getting nearly as many migraines as i used to and they are much easier to control. Cept today of course. I was up at 0’dark thirty, sweating like a sow (d@mn mentalpause) and headed for the couch which is right in the direct path of the ac! And…. headache, here it is. Praise God for fiorinal. Excedrine migraine helps with the lower level headaches – specially if i catch it early enough so that it doesnt turn into H@ll on Earth!

But enough of that. I will say, for the record, that i wouldnt wish a migraine like i get on my worst enemy (cept one…), and i am greatly saddened that my beauty (minime) inherited my headaches.

Practical jokes abound in this house. I like nothing more than to make grumpy scream like a girl – and or torment my kids *seg*. A sense of humour is required in this house, or you go down hard lol. I remember one time, grumps was in the bathroom. Our bathroom is fairly large, garden tub, shower stall – very large mirror that takes up the sinks (his and hers). Grumps had been standing with his back to the doors, intent on something. I walked in, figuring that he saw me in the mirror and stood inches behind him.

My beloved turned around to the right, thereby missing the mirrors and came nose to shoulder with me. *chuckling quietly to myself so as not to disturb minime*. He literally jumped out of his shoes, slammed his hands to his face a la home alone and screamed like a girl.

I.Lost.It. I was laughing so hard i made a shrieking a$$ out of myself. I couldnt help it – other peoples stupidity is my amusement. He then said ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? to which i completely collapsed, shaking from laughing so hard with tears rolling down my face. Naturally i was pointing at him as well. All i could do was rock back and forth, pointing to him and laughing my bloody a$$ off.

I also like to stand outside the other door to the bathroom (french doors) and wait for him to come out. He comes out and i jump behind him: BOO! Again, he jumps out of his shoes and all i can do is laugh!

Manboy had one of his buds over one night. Now his bud is a twin, and boy is friends with both (and i love them dearly) but its usually Saige who comes over. This time it was Stephen. Grumps and i were on the couch watching tv when he said something about Saige and Manboy. I said, uh, honey, thats not Saige, its Stephen.

What he said? Uh – honey, they’re twins…. (der). Grumps then got up, went to manboys room, kicked open the door and said WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU’RE TWINS.

we all lost it.

We dont torment minime as much as we do manboy – but she gets hers. But…. my beautiful daughter also inherited my love of the practical joke and torments her daddy in the worst way lol. It is beautiful to watch!!! I couldnt be more proud of her!!! =)

If i had to describe myself, (other than my profile and intro post to blogging – Blogging, WTF, i would have to honestly describe myself as a suicidal, sociopathic psychopath – but i’m a whole lotta fun! I have OCD to a large extent, but only for certain things – and probably things i havent figured out yet. I dont like buffet dinners (Shady Maple notwithstanding) – i dont like people breathing on my food – expectorant. It bugs me. But at SM – they have very good spit covers, so i could, stressing could, eat to some extent (the fish was very good). I HAVE to have things properly put away – you know how when you are little, you learn to stack things by size? I.Must.Have.That.With.My.Cooking.Bowls. How my kids and grumps cant figure that out is beyond me. My cd”s – which are closest to my heart and will be burned with me when i’m gone (who says you cant take it with you) are organized alphabetically and god help the one who screws that up. I can literally feel that somethings wrong with my discs. But i must ask you, dear readers, how do you alphabetize your discs? Is Dave Matthews organized by D – for Dave, or M for Matthews? In my little world, it would be under the D heading as i dont think of M for Dave Matthews lol. Any other way to organize discs is WRONG. lol.

Ahhh that takes me back to my misspent youth at Icks house. Oh the discussions we would have on the proper way to organize our records (yes, i’m that old) between bong hits lol. While i try not to see Ick anymore (ive left behind some of the things he still does and its hard for me to be around that, and him – i loved him dearly as teen, he was my best friend) but i still buck up once in a while and go back to the main line, where i’m from and stop in to see mom. His mom all but raised me and she has been a surrogate mom to me for 30 years now. *dont mind me, i’m in the wayback machine right now mr peabody…).

Does anyone out there remember Bullwinkle? Man i loved that cartoon! I was raised on looney tunes and the rest – and School House Rock is how i learned the Constitution, some grammar and match – and everything else they taught us during those 5 minute commericals. Uh – i cant think of the word right now – mnemnonics i think it is – i learn better when i can “attach” something to what i know. It sticks in teh gray matter much better that way. Think of me as an adult Kelly Bundy. In order for me to remember something, i have to forget something, and i’ve already forgotten my name on several occasions – once, most notably, at work when i was paging the boss. XXX, please call… uh…. me was paged over the speaker system. He then walked around the corner to my office with a note that he tacked over my fone – Your Name Is Jenny!

That was by far, the best job i ever had. I honestly think i was getting paid to laugh. I was also a kickboxing student there – they paid for the lessons which we took at lunch. Once while doing the focus mitts, Sensei was distracted and i took the opportunity to lightly tag him on the face! Heh heh heh – the look on his face was priceless! Never, ever let down your guard while sparring or actually fighting! When corporate shut down our facility – i was offered a job at a facility in another state that accounting was being consolidated at. Thats a high honor, but i couldnt leave my pop (despite our issues lol) nor take my kids away from him. I just couldnt do it. My pop lives for my kids, he worships the ground they walk on, and they him. It wouldnt be fair to either of them.

Ive decided that i can not go back to corporate america. A) i stand out like a sore thumb, even while being the nicest most helpful person they’ve ever met and b) the stress will kill me this time. I just dont think i can practice discretion and keep my mouth shut anymore. So im looking outside the box (thanks derby) and will probably go back to my first love – horses. I’ve worked at several stables in my time, one of which was a racing stable where i walked the horses after their practice run. Im not fond of thorobreds – they’re too high strung. But i understand what others dont about animals – they respect and obey the Alpha Female/Male.

Fortunatly, living where i do – horse country is all around me. Its all in who you know *grinning*.

I’d like to learn about computers though, programming and all that jazz. Someday i guess.

I do identify to some degree with the song I dont like mondays – for the very reason the song exists. I could be voted most likely to go postal lol (again thank you very much mentalpause…) but for the Grace of God, i’m learning how to let go of my years of stored up pent up rage in appropriate ways. Sigh – took long enough. So long as i dont nail someone at the bar for approaching me from behind, i should be ok – and i keep an eye on the mirrors to see who’s walking in. After grumps and i moved in with each other, i was recovering from something very very bad. I would be napping when he came home and he quickly learned to wake me up from out of swinging distance. I didnt mean to hit him – it could have been anyone, but i learned to deal with that thanks to some therapy and medication. I still jump when awoken abruptly – but its not as bad anymore. I still have a hard time every february though. *shrugs – you learn to live with things*.

I think its time to go back to bed and sleep off this headache. I really dont like headaches.

And the silicon chip inside her head, gets switched to overload….