Please inspiration, move me lol.  Perhaps i should have titled this as Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood – as the sun is shining, the temp is a brisk 67 and sunny (wow =- where am i???) and well.  h#ll.  i just dont know lol.

I really dont know.  I’m having problems focusing the graymatter into coherent thoughts today but, at least i got out and took the heinous hounds for their first ride in larry.  Ki loves to go for rides with mommy – pez – is getting better at it lol.  I just worry about the little freak jumping out the window as i’m driving down the road.  He likes nothing better than to climb onto my lap and try to stick his little white head out the DRIVERS window…  stupid dog lol.  The conversation goes much like this:

No pez, you cant ride here (puts pez on passenger seat).  Pez – no you cant ride here (puts pez back onto the passenger seat again).  All the while, kilo’s sitting in the back seat, head out the window, smiling.

Yes – dogs do smile.  I’ve seen it!

Pez is dearly missing minime.  He looks out the window all day waiting for her to come home.  He doesnt understand why she’s gone, but he knows he’s got me to cuddle up with.  It’ll take a couplefew more days till he settles down though.  So we give him extra loves.

But we got home from our ride and i have more fresh tomatos to go with my mozz.  I love it so much!!!  Food good.  Good food, better!  *smiles happily*

Inspiration just isnt moving me today, even when i look at my blog book.  Do i feel like ranting and raving?  nah – not really.  There is too much going on right now for me to settle my graymatter.  *thinking about it* my graymatter jukebox isnt playing.  That is not a good sign.

So help me god i have to get a new keyboard.  This one sucks.  I’m also having trouble typing today – its chilly out – and my fingers stiffen up when its chilly – cold.  I am dreading beyond anything i can think of the coming winter.  Cold bad.   I’m also thinking we’re going to have a nasty winter this year.  Thank god for 4wd!!!

I’m talking to the owners of the bar i go to about mebbe getting a job there.  I’d make a good bartender, i have the personality to pull it off and pull it off well.  Plus – it would enable me to be around for manboy more than a corporate america job would – and i have no intentions of going back to corporate america again.  If i did so, it wouldnt be long before you see me on the nightly news, in a clocktower… 😉

I think i’m going to take a nap.  And stop listening to Pink Floyds Animals….