Ahh life on delphi gentle readers is the same ole song and dance!  The trolls are coming out of the woodwork, yet again, to try and start trouble because they got their a$$es royally reamed and handed back to them over a year ago.

Yes my friends – the mosh pit has opened for business again.  But Jenny, you ask, what on earth are you talking about?????

Oh, about almost a year and a half ago now, there was a huge falling out with a crowd i hung with and had hung with for a long time.  The ring leader of those i fondly call the Insane Clown Posse is InsaneJane – and she comes by that nickname honestly.  The womans got more problems than i do lmsao, yet she sits at her puter on the gubmint dole for a coughdisabilitycough and spews more venom and hatred than anyone i’ve ever seen.  If it aint true about you, she will make something up. We think she suffers from munchausens syndrome, amongst other things (she actually posted about her yellow bile – ick).

Then there is suz (aka bourquefan), who thinks nothing of gathering extremely personal information on everyone she knows but if you “displease” her, she then uses the information she paid for and then posts that information on a public board.  Now think about this gentle readers – an invasion of your privacy of that magnitude…  how would you feel about something like that happening to you.  I would think that you would be angry, to say the least.

Last in our cast of characters is fata$$ – the owner of the forum we all hung out at.

To make a very long and boring story short lol insanejane was asked “Why the attitude” and had a meltdown of epic proportions.  You see gentle readers, insanejane likes to “control” her friends – who they talk to, where they go on the forums etc and she does NOT like to be questioned on that.  I kid you not folks.

My bud who asked her that question was then HOUNDED by insanejane – the flame war begun.  Everyone was asking insanejane to calm down – she and my bud were ‘posed to be friends.  Each time she was asked to chill, in public and private, she just soared higher and higher into her little ivory tower spewing filth everywhere she could to my friend.  When i asked her to chill on my friend, and i asked her nicely, she went ballistic on me – war was on – a war she lost rather quickly as it doesnt take her long to go overboard. I think it took me all of 4 posts to send her over the edge… πŸ˜‰

Ok – so i probably shouldnt have told her i wouldnt cry at her obit.  lol I wouldnt, i’ll throw a delphiwide party when i receive the news!!!  But no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt take me down and get me tossed or lifetime banned (like she and suz are…).

So then several of us emailed fata$$, asking her to rein in insanejane as she was ruining what was then, a really fun forum.  Fata$$, not having the brains god gave an ant much less any sort of reading comprehension skills, took those to mean she was being asked to take sides.  *rolling eyes*.  She was never asked to take sides – thats silly.  She was being asked to control a poster – and one who was rarely trusted with a mod hammer – if that tells you anything.  Fata$$ didnt even trust insanejane with mod controls and they were friends!!!  In insanejanes case – power corrupts.

And then, a golden opportunity arose, thanks to insanejane (oh the irony…) – for my friend and another poster she’d been friends with before but was on the outs with then, to reach out to each other and try to make amends for the past.  They did – and it was/is a great thing!  Girlfriend ROCKS!!!

But *dum dum dum dum* the Insane Clown Posse Had.A.Hissy.Cow. over that renewed friendship -and were running very scared because the person my friend made amends with was one of the victims of suz and her narcissistic, self delusional personality – and we had the proof of what suz had done to her.  You see – suz took the information she dug up on our friend, posted it all over the boards (which is why she’s lifetime banned) along with emailing the receipt for the information she bought to lots of people, and even attempted to have her fired from her job.  My hand on the bible – i kid you not.

My friend even had her long time very good friend both online and off dump her because she made an adult decision.  Good old Guadalupe had to protect fata$$ at the expense of her friendship with my friend.  That was a 10 year friendship she threw away because she had to “protect” her widdle fwiend from us big bad wolves… πŸ˜‰  Guad is also the most hypocritical christian i have ever had the displeasure to meet…..  She provided us with insanejanes name – but had a hissy if fata$$ was mentioned in a negative light.  Hey if you cant take the heat, dont get involved in a flame war – or learn to control your friends.  She even said its ok to give out personal information if you detest someone…  hmmmmm i wonder quietly to myself.

Fast forward to now. We won the war – and fata$$es forum went down – with the Insane Clown Posse lying about everything – even about the things they have said – copies are available to those who want them.  I find it amusing when people who denigrate you for whatever they think will humiliate you get their own words thown back in their faces – and they deny what they said.  Its unreal lol.  The three amiga’s are lifetime banned!  Now that doesnt really mean anything in delphi land – it just means you lost your nic and cant get it back.  Hence – trolling. (ps -they’re really pissed because we all have our nics, cept my friend.  But i’m not worried, we’ll get her back… Bank on it.).

So what does any respectable loser do but try to “recruit” others to their cause.  Sure – they looked under a rock and found fonesexcinn, who may actually give insanejane a run for her psychiatric money.  I get a kick out of a “woman” who starts a thread titled “lair” and spends the entire post telling me what a lair i am.

I think she means liar, but i could be wrong lmsao.  They even went on mass emailing spree’s and whining crying “testimonies” trying their best to discredit us.  *chuckling, it didnt work*.

Sorry, got sidetracked there.  But back to the present…  Most of the Insane Clown Posse is permanetly banned from delphi (see para above lol) so they have to come back in as trolls to attempt to restart the “war”.  Funny thing is – no one cares Jane, Ness, Suz, Cinn, Guad, Diane.  Sure, we’re having a good laugh at your expense – h@ll you make it easy, but everyone knows you for what you are – losers – and no one buys the chit you try to sell.  You made your bed – perhaps its time you lie in it now.  You’ve been taken down by your betters.  You’re impotent, but i must admit – your antics and attempts to “bait” me are amusing if nothing else.  You couldnt take me down then – what makes you think you will be successful now?

Ahh the grandiose illusions of delphi’s mentally disabled crowd never ceases to amuse me.  But we now have our very own fan club – as the Insane Clown Posse follows us everywhere we go on delphi.  And with each post they make, the madness and hatred they spew just lends more credibility to us.  Where it belongs because we arent afraid of our pasts, we dont deny what we’ve said.  We’re the good guys!  We kick troll a$$ and eat ’em for dinner.  With ketchup.

And so gentle readers – the games are beginning again.  I truly believe that some people will never, ever grow up and become responsible adults.

and the beat goes on, the beat goes on…..