Ahh gentle readers, that is the migraine sufferers mantra.  Of which, i am naturally, suffering from now.  I’ve been up since 4.30 am with a head just aching.

You see – i suffer from debilitating migraines – and they can last up to 5 days (oh jesus just kill me now).  i take meds to try and keep them in check, but i still have to deal with the breakthru migraine.

It started last night.  Pressure and throbs in my forehead.  Within 10 minutes – i couldnt see (extremely light sensitive) – i didnt even want to keep my music on low and my head was going to explode.

Grumps was kind enough to go to teh pharmacy to pick up my painkillers for me.  By the time he got home, my eyes were puffy and swollen and crying was not far off.  I took several and waited for some kind of relief.  My neck and shoulders were on fire – and stiff as h@ll.

It took a good 45 min for the meds to work and i gave up and went to bed at 8.  And…. naturally couldnt sleep lol.  Story of my life, i’m in agony, i need to sleep it off and i cant.  I woke up at midnight after finally passing out from sheer cussedness and stumbled to the bathroom with grumps asking are you ok!

uh – no.  but i’ll be ok.  eventually. 

Then there is the nausea.  Fortunately its nowhere near as bad as pregnancy morning sickness (thank you very much minime – i could set the clock by you lol, and manboy – you had me ralphing anytime, anywhere lol), but still – the icky feeling in your tummy does not lend itself well to a migraine and trying to recover.

So, i’ve spent most of the day becoming one with the couch and trying to sleep it off.  Its more a twilight that i force myself into, but hey – beggers cant be choosers you know.

My doc wants me to go back to the neuro.  Sigh.  I already know i have a brain (i have pics to prove it), and i know its not a normal brain lol.  But its all i have to work with.  Figures, only i would get an abby normal brain.

Lol – i will be using I wanna  be sedated for another post in the future, but its just so appropo right now.  And its definately how i feel when my head hurts like it has.

For all you migraine sufferers out there, my heart goes out to you.  I feel your pain.  Literally.