ONLY WORDS OF WISDOM ARE *RADIO EDIT*  (but i’m sure you get the jist lol)

Ah gentle readers, i just LOVE kid rock lol.  I like nothing more than hitting the jukebox up for some cowboy baby!  It gets the blood pumping, foot tapping – ooh rah!  But wait – there’s more – at the bar last week (i think, you all know my memory sucks lol) i was honored to meet a new friend, named Jen.  (i know, we’re everywhere!).  She totally rocks and apparently has the same sick sense of humour as i do – and we like some of the same music.

So, as we’re sitting there discussing industrial jams – my girl goes and hits up rage against the machine – killing in the name of!  *i know, i know, im a closet anarchist lol*.

I was in the loo when the tune started playing, and with that beat, you just gotta start dancin – and bop i did back into the bar. Now i’m wearing tye dye lol and dancin to ratm.  She sees me comin from the other side, grins hugely and we both are singing along (most likely to the dismay of her companion, who i think extremely highly of, and patti lol).  Actually, i think her companion and patti just looked at each other and shook their heads lol.

And i dont know where i’m going with this lmsao.  All i know is that lyric made it into my blog book (along with playing constantly in the graymatter jukebox).  Hmm.  How on earth did i segue from kid rock to ratm???  I do not know.  And in thinking about it, my kid rock disc Devil Without A Cause is missing….. (manboy – did you lift it without permission like you did all my blank discs???  lol)

I do love a good singalong lol – specially when i get my words mixed up.  For instance, i love KR’s I am the Bull God.  But in jennyspeak/singing, it comes out I Am The Bull Frog lol.  Its a great tune though – i highly recommend it for those of you who arent faint of heart!  (btw, i HATE karaoke lol).

I get my words mixed up a lot, most notably when my pal and i were on the train going to the deadshow.  I asked her if she had fain trare.   I have yet to live that one down lol.

I know there will be more kid rock lyrics making up my posts, specially as i’m reading the lyrics lol.  Ah – Bawitaba.  That will be a highlight one day lol.  Kick a$$ tune!

I still dont know where this is going, but if you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that thats Just Jenny… she’s always good for a laugh!  As i am still recovering from the migraine from h@ll the last couplea days… it is hard to think without pressuring the graymatter.   I have one curtain open and the lights not bothering me much, i’m going to try and open another curtain and see how that goes.

*chuckling quietly to myself* according to the notes i have in my blog book, this was to be a politcial post.  But… i’m done with politics for now.  It takes too much out of me.  But i can now cross that idea off my list!  I do have some good headlines for highschool memories though – under the boardwalk (when i graduated highschool…. laughing quietly to myself), rock n roll highschool (uh oh batman…), rock the cradle of love (perhaps about grumps seeing as he’s 18 years older than i am lol) and naturally, more kid rock lol.

But back to the headline lol.  I’m working on my cussing (cept when my keyboard doesnt respond) and my drinking has improved.  Improved you say?  Yes, improved i say.  I dont drink nearly as much as i was there for a while and thats a good thing.  I did stop doing shots (hello yukon my old friend, i’ve come to drink with you again).  Well, i’ll do a few, and they taste good, but when they REALLY start tasting good, its time to leave.  I prefer just sitting at the bar sipping my black cherry matrix and drinking water.  Remember folks – stay hydrated while drinking, it reduces hangovers – of which i have an undying hatred of.  As it is, i drink enough water to fill several wells in 3rd world countries.

Im getting tired, again.  I was up at the ungodly hour of 4.30am (second day in a row) as my beloved did not shut the door to our bedroom and the light from the living room was on, and hit my eyes like spears of lightning (second day in a row….).  I was not a happy camper.  I couldnt get back to sleep (once im up, im up…) and my head was aching just enough to be an annoyance so i took my meds and went back to blissful darkness and sleep 3 hours later.  Thank God for sleepmasks.  Im not sure if i should try to go back to sleep or not.  All i know for sure is that i dont want that migraine to make a reappearance.

Do i wanna go to the bar today.  Yeah, i miss my friends.  Do i wanna drink?  No.  Not really.  I”m not up to that yet.  But tomorrow’s friday….  *bg*  All things are possible on fridays!  Oh yeah, tonights bike night at the bar.  Perhaps i will make an appearance, if for no other reason than to see my friends and to play music that leaves them scratching their heads thinking Jenny, our little jenny played THAT??? lol.

Flickin my bic up and down that coast and keep on truckin till it falls into motion