lol it appears that i am back on a kid rock kick lol.  but not really though.  i just find that the lyric to be very appropo regarding me.

i am just jenny.  i still HATE cops. (dont ask my opinion on that, and i have a feeling i’ll be kicked out of a forum soon because of my stance on cops, and the fact that i support my local Motorcycle Club – and ALL MC’s.  I am friend to all, allied with none.).  I am still as antiestablishment as they come and am considering moving to the mountains to get the bloody ‘ell away from everything and everyone.  Molon Labe my friends. Lock and Load!

Its funny though – i spend a small fortune on comcast’s cable – and spend most of my time listening to the music station.  I’ve got kid rock in the title, yet i’m listening to neil young.  Who cant listen to Neil???  (that was the only concert i’ve been kicked out of – story to follow next time i’m in the wayback machine lol).

I find that the best time to write is in the early morning.  When i write that is lol.  Its quiet and peaceful which allows for the thoughts to flow.  Anytime after that just sucks – manboy running around the house after school – mom can you…, grumpy getting home from work – too much chaos happening for me to concentrate.  However, i’ve finally gotten grumpy to understand that when i’m on the puter, dont talk to me lol.  I’m thinking… (shut up).  He got really pissy with me one day while i was sitting here writing and he’s talking to me.  I finally had enough and said LEAVE ME ALONE!

After he calmed down, he asked – are you blogging?  Yes honey, was the response, thru gritted teeth.  He apologized.  Like a well trained husband should… (oh will i pay for that when he reads this lol).

Now if only i could get him to understand not to talk to me when/if i’m on the fone… and he wonders why i get mad!  Men…. lol.

I love to p!ss people off. I love to say things just for the reaction.  I cant help it, the sheeple make it entirely too easy.  (note for future reference, bikers are NOT included in the term sheeple).  With the advent of the net, i now have the ability to p!ss people off on a global scale!  How cool is that???  *seg*.  When my puter crashed a few years ago, it took me a while to be able to get it fixed.  I let it slide and apparently, my withdrawl from the puter was noted by my beloved, who told me to GET THE PUTER FIXED – YOU NEED THE OUTLET lol.  I was amused as he thought i was spending to much time online lol.

Now – with the thingy known as blogging….

There aint no doubt in my mind, that ima gonna stomp all over your test of time