Good morning gentle readers!  I apologize for being mia this last week, but… i’ve become a *coughproductivecough* member of society yet again!  Yes, you read right – i got a job.  The best part – i’m getting paid not to think anymore and frankly, it doesnt get any better than that!  I am however working my a$$ off for 8 hours a day – and i get to miss rush hour (there truly is a God).  I get home exhausted, but refreshed in my own way by doing a days honest work. 

But i see you are wondering about this entry’s title and then me mentioning getting a job.  Well my friends, my birthday was on tuesday (i spent years with my birthday being the first day of school…) and seeing as i am working and tired, i just havent had the energy to post lol.  But its been on my mind and pink floyd’s time is so appropo for my birthday and general attitude in life lol.

Ahhh birthday’s.  You either love them or hate them depending on how old you are, or are going to be or are denying.  As i’ve just hit 44…. i think i’m going to start lying about how old i am – and lying about my kids ages lmsao.  

When i was a teen – birthdays were cause for celebrations of the serious kind.  Like partying for days on end just happy you made it another year!  *damn microsofts updates and restart pop up…*  And if you had friends with birthdays near yours, it could be and sometimes was a month long party!  At one time – there were 3 of us with a birthday within a week of each others!  I think it may have been my 17th birthday celebration with Ick and Lisa, whos birthday is the 9th, which caused my complete and utter hatred of jack daniels!  I to this day, have not touched that nasty stuff.  I’m still not too fond of Bacardi rum either….  That is a drunk/hangover i remember with perfect clarity lol.

Im not too fond of repeating that experience.  We’ll talk about drinking with Jose later (another painfully perfect clarity memory lol but god that was fun).

Then your getting older – in your 20’sish.  Birthdays are still pretty cool, specially since you’re allowed to drink in a bar lol.  I spent my 20’s raising kids so i cant tell you much about that.  But there is no better present or feeling in the world than to have the spawn cuddle up with you in bed, or on the couch and telling you happy birthday mommy, i love you.  =)

Birthdays in the 30’s.  They’re getting a little hard to handle.  After all, you are now part of the totally uncool over 30 crowd at the bar.  And, what makes matters worse, is that the kids in their 20’s are really starting to look young to you, making you wonder – how old do i f@cking look???  That being said, there is a certain ego kick that you get when you are walking thru the bar with your old man, having just gotten off the bike and still in your leathers and every guy looks away from his girlfriend to watch you go by…  You KNOW they are wondering about you… *seg*  and even better, their girlfriends are knowing what they’re thinking, and know they cant compete…  and you smile to yourself, very pleased with the world.

Ok.  The birthday’s in the 40’s are starting to suck.  But what makes up for that is you now have your very own bar.  No, you dont own it silly, but you’re there enough that you are a regular, and very good friends with everyone there.  And being at your *cheers* on your birthday is cause to get very hammered and paying very little for it – everyone and their mother (it happens lol) is buying you drinks, feting your birthday!  It is truly a wonderful thing!  =)

So, i’ve turned 44.  My sisters called to mock and laugh (i wouldnt have it any other way, i do it to them lol), minime called me from school to say happy birthday.  Grumps told me happy birthday little girl before he split for work.  Pop called to torment me.  Manboy… forgot.  *shrugs*  i guess you cant win them all lol.  But i still wonder about my age and where i am in life.  Technically, i’m not supposed to be here anymore, i had no plans to live past 21.  God, with a huge sense of the divine comedy, kept me around.  For what purpose, i dont know.  I’m still not happy about it but…  what can you do.  But when i think birthdays anymore, well ok, all my life lol, it really doesnt get any better than Pink Floyds Time.

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say