Crap.  The “flow” stopped lol.  Grumpy was kind enough to tell me i could go out and play today – but completely forgetting that i told him i wanted to spend the day home, schlepping around, accomplishing well, basically nothing (im not socially unattractive for nothing…).

I spent the morning, after getting a glorious 9 hours of sleep, playing on my forums, catching up on the latest gossip and then researching the web bot project and its predictions for the future.

While i dont give much credence to “predictions” (i believe in biblical predictions…) i find the whole end of the world crap interesting.  Ok, fun.  But – i dont let it bog my mind down with its cries – the sky is falling, the sky is falling.  I figure that whatever will be, will be and there aint nothing i can do about it so why worry?  Worst case scenario – grumps and i will load up on guns and ammo and head for the hills.  We’ve looked into earthship building – totally self sustainable and so me lol.  ( i think is the link).  I can garden, even though i didnt inherit my moms green thumb, and grumps has been told he’s going to have to hunt now lol.  As my beloved is a vietnam vet, and hunted the ultimate game for a while, he wont hunt until the quarry is given guns to shoot back (a level playing field lol).  But for survivals sakes – he’ll kill, and so will i.

But this makes me wonder.  What is the middle of the road?  Or – where is the middle of the road?  Do i want to be in the middle of the road?

As i am Socially Unattractive – i find the middle of the road to be completely and utterly reprehensible – and no fun.  And you know me – where there is fun to be had, i’m showing up fairly quickly! *veseg*  Specially if there is eyecandy there… *nods happily*

But who would want to be in the middle of the road you ask quietly to yourself?

I think people want to be in the middle of the road because its easy.  Comfortable.  Lazy.  The sheeple are afraid to be out of their comfort zone, complacency is their modus operandi. The middle of the road allows them to have pretty rose coloured glasses on.  However, they dont really want to see the world as it is, they want to keep themselves within their whitewashed picket fences, neatly trimmed hedges and cookie cutter homes/developments.  Never changing, always static.  The middle of the road.

Now thats boring as h@ll.

Now i’m the black sheep of my family (say it again, loudly and with pride jenny)  THATS RIGHT, I’M THE BLACK SHEEP OF MY FAMILY – OOHRAH!  and god d@mn am i good at it lol.  All because i CHOOSE to be Socially Unattractive.  I choose to have a helluva good time (better living thru chemicals… 😉  ).  I choose to be loud, proud and unforgiving about it.  I choose to live in what the middle of the road crowd calls the fringes of society.  Where the men are men and the sheep afraid (i love ya kiwi lol). That reminds me, i have to email the butthead lol.  I choose to mock the stupid!  (its a character flaw, i know but i’m good at it).   I CHOOSE to have fun, to take a walk on the wild side (ok, dive in head first, smiling), to understand what:  “Holy Jesus. What are these goddamn animals” means, and why…  <______________> RIP Hunter Thompson.  I did my best to follow in your ample footsteps! 

I find that at 44 (oh jesus that blows), i keep thinking of the pretenders tune middle of the road and i find it has newish significance for me.  Or at least i think i like it for different reasons now than i did when it first came out.  I’ve always admired Chrissy Hynde – shes one tough b!tch.

and i so understand what she means.