And the story was whatever was the song what it was.  Rollergirl don’t worry, D.j. play the movies all night long… (insert kickin instrumental…).

I find im on a Dire Straits kick while driving.  Ok, its one of the few discs my cd player will take which means i cant play my burned discs, for now…  But i love Skate Away – it rocks (from the making movies disc – minime, you’d like dire straits – listen to romeo and juliet) and i so identify with the lyrics.

In a way, it reminds me of my roller skating days as a early teen.  Holy mary mother of god did we have fun at the rink!  My pal al says she met me there, but i dont remember that – and i’m talking like 14 – 15ish lol.  H#ll, thats what im known most for – i dont remember squat!  And to top it off, yesterday was the Apostle Pals birthday and the b!tch didnt answer her fone!!! (calling her now and she’s still not answering… grrrr).

But… back to the rink *seg*.  I had a whole group of friends i hung with and boy did we party hard at the rink!  Well, as hard as early teens can lol.  Somehow we always managed to get some six packs in there, or sneak in a bottle – and we’d drink it in the girls bathroom.  We couldnt spliff in the rink so we’d go outside and climb down the quarry, toast there and meander back into the rink to try to skate – but in all actuality, we ate lol.  The rink was a fun place, but it was a concrete floor rather than a wood floor so when you went down, it hurt lol.  But, as we were the big bad kids there, we shook it off and continued skating.  Skaters Reverse Skate!

We had a great DJ there, cant for the life of me remember his name, dan mebbe, but he played great tunes to skate to – most notably, Lou Reeds Walk on the Wild Side.  A classic for sure, but not appropriate for kids.   Naturally some mom complained about the song so out it went.  B!tch lol.

I remember one night at the rink in particular – and it still tickles me to this day.  We (me, pal, lisa, laura and a couple others) were sitting at the table smoking (all the cool kids smoked…) and someone was saying something about another girl there.  Me being me, naturally laughed.  Apparently she thought i said something about her and made the mistake of saying:  Lets Fight!  (we were kids, c’mon… its what we did then lol).  It got quiet.  I said you dont want to do this.  She said lets go – outside, NOW.  I said again, you dont want to do this….. and stood up.

Now.  I’m 6 foot, a good 6’3 in skates.  I, as i stated above, stood up.  She looked up, and up and up and i stood there, patiently waiting.


She was white as a sheet and said I’m sorry, please dont hurt me!

I smiled, sat back down and everyone in the food area lost it lol.

It was at the rink that i found out my then “boyfriend” bob (my first love…) was cheating on me with my friend laura.  She was talking about this guy bob etc etc etc and i asked her, whats the last name?  She told me and i told her – um, he’s my boyfriend.  She thought i was gonna kill her.  I considered it, but…  sisterhood ya know (i still havent seen anyone move that fast lmao).  But bob and i went out on and off for my mid teen years – adn every time i hear john cafferty and the beaver brown band’s on the dark side, i think of him (right now, i’m in the wayback machine – in icks room, with bob and frankie dancing to the dark side).  I guess you never really get over your first love.  Interestingly enough, he was the guy my ex was the most jealous of.  It was scott who he should have worried about lol.  But yes, bryan hated scott too lol.

I loved going rollerskating though.  It was always fun, but what was really neat was that after skating for 4 hours, after you took your skates off, your feet vibrated lmsao!  And oh boy if you didnt own your own skates, you were screwed royally!  Trying to find the rental skates that fit…. *shaking head*.  But we were at the rink, every friday and saturday night – it was The Thing, The Place to be!  I remember a few years ago, talking to grumps about the rink – and it turns out that he went there too, at least once lol, when i was there (does anyone sense a recurring theme with me and him??? the park, the rink *twilight movie theme song playing*) and i honestly think i remember that.  He was with his wife and kids and was skating – and went down hard.  I remember pointing and laughing (another recurring theme).  God help you if you went down there.  *chortling*.  We gave no quarter and took no prisoners!  (as you can see, me mocking others started early lol).

It was at the rink that i met Bianca, who became one of my closest friends for a long time.  What makes this memory so cool, her father is Chubby Checker!  He is one of the nicest people i ever met – and for bianca’s birthday party, sang us the Twist!  Thank god he didnt know what we all were doing at the back of the property, behind the bushes (irie mon!!!).  I “found” her again doing a classmates search and we still keep in touch.  Next time she comes “home”, i will go see her and her kids – and her mom and dad again!

On a purely different note and completely unrelated to this post… i think i’m going to ask cj to teach me how to dance.  She’s one of the bartenders at my bar and used to be a dancer…  I texted grumps about it, just for the reaction…  heh heh heh.  But i will ask her.  Its great exercise and they have a pole at the bar!  😛

No fears alone at night she’s sailing through the crowd In her ears the phones are tight and the music’s playing loud