I hear, ok think about this song and it reminds me of my girls weekend outs up at my pal als.  holy jesus – it really doesnt get any better than going to your best buds house for the weekend and just let loose!

The first time i went to pallys for a girls weekend out, we (me, pal and joey) were planning to go to the bar that joey goes to on friday night.  I copped a seriously kind spliff from a friend to take with me, as a i’m finally here gift lol.  So, after work, its up the northeast extention i go, with rob zombie’s hellbilly deluxe playing loudly on the cd player (LIVING DEAD GIRL).  (OK DRAGULA TOO LOL).  With the advent of my electronic leash (ie my cell fone) i foned grumps to let him know where i was and that i was ok, and only then told him we were going to the bar that night.

So… you’re telling me this when you’re 50 miles away eh?  Yup baby, i’m not stupid lol.  He growled a bit and i told him i’d call when i got to pallys.

I get to pallys and her dad was there.  Now pallys dad terrified me when we were teens – but now, i love him dearly and it was simply wonderful to see del again.  As i was wearing my knock me down and boff me 3 inch spiked heels, he told pal – she’s still really tall!  I said del, i’m wearing boots…. lol.

So we get me unpacked and its off to joey’s house we go!  Joey had (she’s moved) a gorgeous home and she, like pal is totally home improvement oriented which is really neat!  We sparked the spliff and the laughter began.  Pal started telling stories and we were in hysterics.  Serious belly holding, tears streaming down your face hysterics.  Then it was time to split for the sportsmans.

We get to the bar, a nice hole in the wall dive (my favorite kind lol) bar and begin drinking.  I think it was that night that we flagged pally minutes after arrival as she knocked over her beer, knocked off all the quarters from the pool table and something else i dont remember lol.  And the merriment began!

I beat pally the first game or two on the table (shooting pool is one of the few things in life i take seriously) but then my game proceeded to go downhill (it may have been the yukon lol).  I was fortunate enough to meet pally and joey’s buddy beenjammin.  TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE.  He had me laughing my a$$ off all night.  OMG he’s a riot  and i love him to death lol.

Several, ok, lots of drinks later, charlie daniels song long haired county boy comes on.  That is one of my songs for grumps – he’s my long haired country boy!  I, in my drunken state, got sentimental and pulled out my electronic leash and chirped him to tell him i missed him and i loved him.


He ripped into me – never call me from the bar again!  but baby, i said, they’re playing your song and i miss you.  Rant, rave, rant rave.  (little voice) I’m sorry honey, i wont call you again and let it go.  And proceeded to drink more lol cause i was sad that he was mad at me.

I find out later that after i got off the fone with him, he went raging into minime’s room and WOKE HER UP – do you know where your mother is?  your mothers at a bar.  doesnt she know she’ll get hit on?  Rant, rave, rant, rave at a kid who was sound asleep.

My beauty, being the most awesome kid ever, told him Dad – mom can take care of herself – I’M SLEEPING!

I love her. lol.  (and no, i didnt get hit on, but i swear on my mothers grave i saw my ex son in law there and damn near ralphed lol).

I have no idea what time we left the bar but i woke up entirely too early the next morning with the hangover from h@ll lol.

But back to girls just want to have fun…. i try to get to pallys a couple of times a year – as its good to get away from the grind and hang with my best bud and her minime (who is as awesome as my minime).  Usually we get a bottle of tekilla and make margarita’s – but due to the unfortunate blender incident, i am forbidden from making margaritas at pallys anymore lol.  (i had to wipe margaritas from the kitchen ceiling… lol.).

One time, i took my brats with me to pallys as we planned on going to Knobels Amusement Park in Elysburg.  for those of you unfamiliar with Knobels, it is the last family owned amusement park in the country – and its situated in the mountains.  Free admission, all you pay for is the tickets to get on the rides.  The food – speaks for itself (home made).  Knobels totally rocks – and i highly recommend the Skloosh!!  They also have camping facilities!

I’ll never forget that day – scoob (pally’s minime) was real little then and could only go on the tiny kids rides.  She wanted to go on the one boat ride and manboy rode with her.  When it was their turn to get off the ride, my young son got out, then turned around, grabbed scoobs hand, put his arm around her waist and assisted her from the boat.  Both pal and i were blown away by him and how he treated a lady.  Too cool!!!  He was already showing signs of being a consummate gentleman!!!  (sorry minime, but he didnt get that from your father…).

It sucks that both my bestest friends in teh whole wide world live so far away from me.  I can get to pallys a couple times a year, but kate – i only get to see her when she comes home. and i miss her so much.  She is the only friend i ever had that never walked away from me when i was hitting rock bottom.  And digging the hole deeper…  I’d kill for her in a  heartbeat as well as take a bullet for her.  And her husband and kids too.

While i/we dont drink nearly as much as we used to when i get up there, the weekend is full of gourmet food (we like to eat lol) and much laughter.  I know pally is happy being back to her home area, but i wish she lived closer.

Its getting time for me to head up to pallys again to cut loose and have some fun.  Girl fun.  Where we talk about guys, home improvement projects and worship at the alters of our minime’s and my manboy.  Pally is the one who taught me how to be a b!tch and own it (but she is the poster child for b!tch lol – she’s a pro).  I dont know what i’d do without my girls weekend out’s.  Its a necessity.  Its stress relief.  Oh who am i kidding, its a fun filled drunken weekend with my best friend.  Keep on talkin bout my best friend, la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la……

That’s all they really want Some fun When the working day is done Girls – they want to have fun Oh girls just want to have fun