There’s more to the picture, Than meets the eye.  Hey hey, my my.

Yes gentle readers, i’m still listening to dire straits in larry, but neil will always hold a special place in my heart, probably for the rest of my life (despite being kicked out of a neil concert for smoking a bowl with my buds.  ok, so we probably shouldnt have done that while we were in the first gulf war… ;0).   He was one of The premier voices of a generation – and as a true artist does, adapted to the times.  But his older music is the stuff legends are made of – old man, sugar mountain, needle and damage done (reminds me of a guy i’d rather forget…).  So much incredible music he made with crazy horse.

I was fortunate to see him a couple of times (dont ask how many, im having a hard time remembering all the shows i’ve seen lol, well over a hundred).  Each show was simply outstanding.

His music was a counterpoint to the current state of “being” when the albums were released, yet i still find them to be an accurate description of today’s world.  Some music is timeless, and that is how i see neil, timeless.

Music is a far better social commentary on the state of the world than what the journalists (and i use that term very loosly) “report”.  Journalists have come a long way from when i was a kid and then they reported the news.  Today, they create the news, with a complete disregard for the facts, truth and integrity.  What i find very sad about that is – people believe it – and allow it, and call it “truth” (if your a liberal or a democrat that is).  Hence the term i use for the people of today = sheeple.  I wish to god that my fellow citizens would begin holding the journalists accountible.  I personally would like to see them drawn, quartered and shot.  But thats just me.

Im a hippie born 15 years too late.  I dont remember much of the 80’s (they were my 60’s, but with terrible music) but…  my quasi liberal, all but card carrying member of the aclu, candle burning, incense smudging pagan years youth still influences me to some extent today, at 44 and a bible believing born again christian conservative – which, according to the “powers that be” in our government makes me a domestic terrorist.  That is a badge i will wear with pride. I fail to see what is wrong with traditional family values and i resent those who are trying to take that away from me- and call me names because i refuse to yield.

I do compromise somewhat on issues that conflict with my spiritual side, but thats between me and my Lord – and thats all good.  But what i dont like about our country today is that if you critize the tron, you are automatically deemed a racist.  Um, what part of the freedom to disagree do they not understand?  Its easier for them (the libs and dems) to confuse the issue, and spin it to make everyone who doesnt worship at the alter of the obamatron a racist.  They dont understand that you can disagree with policy and his race has nothing to do with it.  H@ll – he could be a white man who’s dumber than whalesh!t and i’d disagree with his position.  But race is the only card they have left to play but they dont understand that it will backfire on them in the upcoming election rounds (this ought to be amusing).

His Czars (oh christ) are going to be the downfall of our country and im afraid.  Afraid of what our country is turning into.  I love my country, i fear my government.  And i wouldnt be surprised if the black suburbans show up at my door…  again, if i disappear, my aim was off.  Molon Labe – if you want my guns, come and take them, from my cold dead hands.

I refuse to go down without a fight.    i Refuse to be complacent about the changes our country is facing.

And in looking around at the world, and listening to the “music” of today, all that really says it all about me is

It’s better to burn out Than to fade away My my, hey hey.