I looked at the bartender and said, look man, come down here….

Ahhh how i love to hang at the bar gentle readers.  However, i cant stand bourbon, i refuse to drink scotch and my beer drinking days are over – it just doesnt sit well anymore.  Gimme my black cherry vodka and i’m a happy jenny.  But when i start doing shots of yukon (hello yukon my old friend, i’ve come to drink with you again…), i’m utterly useless for 2 days lol.  I have finally come to the realization (wisdom comes with age *snorts*) that when the shots start tasting good, its time to leave!  <seg>  Funny, but i cant take my own advise lol.

So im sitten there, at the bar, yesterday after work waiting for my bud patti to get there.  We have a standing arrangement now that i’m a *coughproductivecough* citizen again that we meet at the bar on friday’s at 4.  Sniff sniff – she didnt show.  So i did what any respectable socially unattractive person would do and began drinking anyway!  Jo, the bartender asks – want the usual Jen?  Ahh i love it, i have “the usual” lmsao.

But Jenny, what is your usual?  You know, i think i covered this in a prior post, but hey – who cares lmsao!  My usual is what we’ve termed the Black Cherry Matrix, and a large glass of ice water.

It was quiet in the bar, which at 4pm is fairly standard in any bar – happy hour doesnt start till 5 lol.  While i am a social whore, i also like my peace and quiet time at the bar to destress.    I drop a fivespot in the jukebox and depending on my mood at the time, play either mellow music, or i totally jam.  Yesterday i turned jo on to A3 – the band that rates in my top 5 all time favorite bands, well , mebbe top 10…  But for those of you who arent familiar with this band, they did the theme song for The Soprano’s – Woke Up This Morning.  That being said, this band is the epitome of Being Socially Unattractive and i want to keep Larry Love in my closet, only to take him out on a quasi regular basis to do illegal and immoral things with him.  *happy reflective sigh*.

I now have to find on one of my myriad of self burned discs, A3’s Sister Rosetta – a #cking totally awesome cajun/bayouish tune that is so freakin cool words cant describe it lol as Jo liked what i played for her (Hypo Full of Love; the 12 step program, Too Sick To Pray, Cocaine Killed My Community and a few others off Il Peste).

But… i totally enjoy chillin at the bar and swapping stories with the other patrons.  Stories of our kids, our glory days, bike accidents – you know, the usual stuff you talk about in a dive biker bar.

So im sittin there, at the bar (lol) waitin on patti to get there.  By 5.30, she wasnt there, i was tired (remember i’m a working stiff now) so i split for home.  With manboy not around, i get to strip my way thru the house in search of the jammies.  Home = comfy time.  no shoes, no socks LEAVE.ME.ALONE!

At 6ish, the fone rings (my cell rang twice – i didnt hear it.  funny, i only hear the text message alert, which is eminems lose yourself lol).  Patti was at the bar – where was i?  They told her i was there and had gone and she was checking on me (that is what real friends are for).  And hoping i’d come back out.

I was tired.  I was in my jammies (gorgeous tye dye tank dress), she said cool, get some rest.

After i hung up, i told my beloved that patti wanted me to come back out.  He said g’head honey, go shoot the shit with patti.  Just dont do shots, you’re useless the next day when you do shots!  I thought about (i hate this fucking keyboard) it and called my bud – be there in 15, let me get changed!

(Please excuse me, i’m taking a personal vacation in hell right now…)

I meet up with pat, at the bar (lol).  To which Jo said – Your Usual, again?  Heh heh heh.  As i had a raging headache, i had taken my meds, which specificaly states:  DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WITH THIS MEDICATION. (painkillers and booze…. need i say more?).

Remember gentle readers, i’m a professional abuser, dont try this at home.  Also, (public service announcement time) and i can NOT stress this enough, if you are going out drinking, PLEASE ASSIGN A DESIGNATED DRIVER, I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO COME KICK YOUR ASS FOR BEING STUPID AND GETTING A DUI AND PROBABLY, NOT POSSIBLY KILLING SOMEONE!.  (im the designated drunk btw).  So, i only had one drink with my water, the water i drank more of.  (for those grammarites out there, screw you, i’ll end my sentence with a preposition and you’ll just have to like it)!

It was open mic night at the bar last night (ok, every friday lol) so troy was on the stage playing  – and he plays a pretty good acoustic gitar.  We laughed, we cried, we drank.  Ok, no we didnt lol but we did laugh, alot when the request for Afroman’s Because I Got High was requested – and there i was, at the bar, waving my lighter up in the air like the days of old at the concerts i used to go to, waaaaaaaay back when!

But, as the gods would have it, neither pat nor i were really in the mood to be there last night, the vibe just wasnt right. So we decided to do a shot (yes, i know i told grumps i wouldnt do shots – but she twisted my arm.  I swear!) <eseg>.

So after toasting each other with our shots, we split.  But you see, as a regular, at the bar, you dont leave without telling your friends goodbye lol, which means many hugs and depending on how many friends are there, that could take a good 15 minutes lol.

Home again.  Jammies on, tired has hell and grumps is watching crank 2 – which fucking blew btw.  Off to bed i went, to sleep, perchance to dream (and dream i did… gotta email some friends to make sure they’re ok…).

I was up at 6.30am this morning, pissed off as all hell lol.

For those of you wondering at the “at the bar’s” – watch my beloved Three Chord George’s vid, link below.  LMSAO! Scratch my back baby… 😉

I was sittin there, at the bar….