sucks.  having pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night sucks big donkey dick.

so – after searching out numb/tingly painful hands – i find carpal tunnel syndrome – and every symptom fits.  Im over 40 (shut up minime lol) and mentalpausal….

And – to add insult to injury, i wanted to add annie lennox’s Why to this post – because all im thinking of is why why why why – and i just love that song and needed an excuse to post it, but naturally, as my luck would have it, youtube is down for maintenance.

I had grumps get me two wrist supports that i will wear while sleeping – i’ve had several people tell me that helps remarkably.  And im tired.  The pain has had me up since  4.30am, along with grumps leaving for work.

I think i’ll take a nap, after tormenting the insane clown posse more <veseg>