And gentle readers, we have yet ANOTHER day of cold rain from the two nor’easters that blew in the other day.  You would think that, seeing as i truly loathe the cold and rain, i would be wearing sox and sweatpants along with my robe and slippers – but apparently i havent thought that far ahead yet.

I have been up since the ungodly hour of 4.30.  I Do Not Like That.  I like to sleep.  I like to sleep alot (in my best Peanut voice lol).  However, i have trouble sleeping (can we say insomnia anyone?).  And lets not forget the headaches that come with being a natural barometer.  Praise God for sudafed!  Its bad enough that i cant sleep in.  Its worse, much worse, when you wake up with your head aching because of the weather.  We wont talk about all the aching joints from the cold and rain. . . My hands just wont work for a good hour after i get inside!

So, i spent the last few hours wandering around delphi and playing on youtube.  I like music.  I like commercials.  And i found my all time favorite commercial – the mcdonalds cha cha slide.   Holy crap that video totally kills me, and reminds me of manboy when he was little and dancing around the house to whatever music was playing lol.

Which, naturally, takes me back in the wayback machine to when my kids were little.  On saturday/sunday mornings – after breakfast i’d put on the B52’s Love Shack and we’d dance and laugh all morning!  Those were such wonderful days and it seems like only yesterday my kids were little.   Oh how time flies…  ( i cant find the vid for the deadbeat club…)

Speaking of commercials – thats where i’ve found some really incredible music/artists – most notably  Nick Drake.  He did the song Pink Moon for the VW Cabrio commercial – and the commercial itself took me back of my days of yore.  Cruisin around with my friends, just chillin.  I miss that.

But – i thought enough of this song to go out and find more of his music and was not disappointed.

So, while on youtube, i started searching for the Hamster Dance – which annihilated me when it first hit the email rounds.  This is the closest one i could find – and i send this out to you minime, in honor of rodents of days gone by lol.  But why am i searching this stuff (except from sheer boredom)?  Weeelllll, lol thursday at work, my girl Cin and i were kicking ass all day long – by 12.15 we were getting ready for lunch and stevie wonder came on the radio. Yup – you guess it, the dancing began – including the Electric Slide!

Yes – i am that old lol.  And naturally i cant remember the song we were dancing too lol but i figure that master blaster jammer would be just as good!  Sir Duke is much better though and was one of the first 45’s i ever owned!  It is a must listen!!

And i’m still cold and bored – and now, out of smokes.  I guess i’m going to have to put on my sox and sweats and run down to the store.  Joy.

lol yes –  i haven’t forgotten my dissertation on liberals and the entitlement mentality post.  But politics takes a lot out of me, hence the delay.  Sometimes reading on the more liberal forums on delphi makes me wish i could get a bag and tag license on liberals….  lol the texan/southern addage, some people just need killin really applies lol.  They will be ultimately responsible for the destruction of my country, and that makes me sad.   Sad for my fellow citizens who believe in morals, decency, personal responsibility – and my children – as they are the ones who will be carrying the baggage our current administration and the liberals are trying to shoulder us with.

But i digress – what music interests you?  What are your favorite commercials?  And … best of all – i found that i can watch the Angry Beavers episodes on youtube!  how freakin cool is that???

But i wanted the other moon of saturn…