to me so far…  Welcome back gentle readers.  Yes, its me – socially unattractive jenny, at your service.  But what service you ask?  Right now, none seeing as i have so much to say, yet when i sit here to write, nothing flows – the… crap. its totally gone.  I was sadly interrupted by a text from manboy which totally derailed the gray matter.  And sometimes, Jimi Hendrix’s distortion totally destroys the thought process.  Like its doing now.

So i wait…. and while i’m waiting, i think about Pink Floyd’s Fearless, which was on a bit ago.  Wow.  wow.  wow.  I can happily listen to Floyd all day long – but not animals when i’m driving.  That takes me places and thats not a good thing while driving.

And i’m still waiting for the distortion to end…

and im still waiting fer christs sake!

Ah – finally its over, replaced with Supertramps Breakfast in America.  I can dig it.  I’d rather hear Even in the Quietest Moments personally.

So i’m hanging out at my favorite social networking site and jesus – its like being back in highschool, or better yet, the rink lol.  Which reminds me – i have to tell geist i still have Harry!  =)  But – i find that i’m very happy to reconnect with the friends of my young youth lol.  The friends i had before it really went to hell in handbasket.  Ah – doubleshot  – Bloody Well Right, another most excellent tune!

It is so nice to see everyone looking as fantastic as they did when we were young, doing well, raising their kids and enjoying life.  Whats even better is that i plan on meeting up with several of the ladies sometime this month – then it’ll truly be the rink revisited – bwhahahahaha!

We’ve now segue’d into Queens Crazy Little Thing Called Love.  Queen.Totally.Rocks!  Fat Bottom Girls would’ve been better imo lol.  Queen’s A Night At The Opera was one of the very first records i bought myself.    Intriguing -= the gray matter jukebox just switched to the Cars – Movin in Stereo – All Mixed Up.  i dont know what to listen to.  Cunundrum indeed.

I do know however, that i have a lot on my mind – wonderings, musings – and perhaps its best to leave them in the locked closet of my mind.   But regardless of the coulda beens, shoulda beens – in  own demented way, life’s been good to me, so far.

Jenny wanders away, humming i go to parties, sometimes until 4, its hard to leave when you cant find the door… <seg>