I’ve been neglecting my blog gentle readers, and i apologize.  I’ve been spending WAY too much time on my favorite social networking site – but hey, a jenny’s gotta harvest her crops, make room for bike parking and create general mayhem!  The signs however are priceless lol, ie HELP i’m buried under this sign, or These sheep lie!

So i’m sitting here enjoying a quiet monday morning (i dont  to work today – YIPPEE) and am listening to the Boomtown Rats – I dont like mondays.  Well, i dont.  Who in their right mind does?  A large part of why i dont like this particular monday is due to the fact that my beloved butthead chirped me at 5.15am.  Yes, 5.15am on a day where i do NOT have to get up at 5.30am.  I didnt respond to him until the 3rd honey where are you chirp, to which i grumpily got out of bed, grabbed my fone and said honey, I’M SLEEPING!.  Ok, perhaps i growled at him as he said you dont have to be mean…  oh wah.

Then, as im almost back to sleep, boy comes to my door – mom can i stay home today, i feel weak and tired.  Oh jesus christ you have got to be kidding me, you were gone all weekend and now you dont feel good???   Get your ass to school and if you really dont feel good, you know the routine, go to the nurse and i’ll pick you up.

And people wonder why i find reality to really suck?  I reject your reality and substitute it with my own, my own reality is much more fun!

I also find that i am avoiding delphi as well.  Well, not my biker forums, the boys are pretty damn special to me, but its getting difficult to be around the current events (ie political) forums anymore.  The vitriol, rage, hatred and polarization of this country is frightening and honestly, its not something i want or need to be around.  There is bad stuff coming my friends and i urge you – prepare prepare prepare.  Canned goods, jugs of water and lots of ammo.  You’re going to need it.  And if you dont know Christ – i strongly suggest you make His acquaintance, soon.

Comcast’s classic rock station is sucking right now.  Mebbe i’ll listen to I dont like monday’s, again.  Im not really in an atlanta rhythm section mood right now.  wow, i spelled rhythm correctly without spell check lol.   I wish i could find the dead’s i know you rider from dicks picks vol 7 disc 1, the acoustic set on youtube though.  its simply beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes.  I think i will search for dicks picks – be right back…  naturally, they dont have it but i just copped new speedway boogie, live natch lol.  God bless the Grateful Dead!

Mayhap i ought to go get in the shower and get my chores done so i can go do what a socially unattractive jenny does – have fun!  I am getting bored – and my idle hands are the devils playground lol.  Now jenny, repeat after me – you are not going to the bar, you are not going to the bar, you are not going to the bar.

A slight footnote if you will – i dont go drinking often.  Really, i dont.  I just like to hang there.  But i’m not allowed to hang there all the time, anymore lol.  Da boss said so.

But i will leave you with this – a song it took me close to 20 years to be able to listen to and i find it fits…    I just had to let it go