for de rain is fallin…Got to have kaya now. (yes, i’m listening to it and i got to have kaya now).. Good morning gentle readers.  For those of you unfamiliar with de reagge beat, that is Kaya from Bob Marley and the Wailers (which gave us also Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff and Bunny Wailer). But for today’s post, i’ll subsitute snow for rain, seein as we just survived our first blizzard of the season.  I woke up about an hour ish ago to a good 16inches of that damned white stuff on the ground lol.

Now some of you who actually know me, know my utter abhorance of that crap.  People cant drive in it, people clear out the grocery stores at the mereist hint of a snurry and did i say people cant drive in it?  But i spent a very peaceable day yesterday watching the snow fall at times at a rate of an inch an hour – man it was coming down.  I also enjoyed watching kilo, who HATES water with a passion, turn into SnowDog!  He couldnt get out the door fast enough and then it was play, roll, eat snow, skip, hop, roll, play (remember he’s a 90lb hound lol) while the pez, our little westie was having to hop to get where he wanted to go, but was enjoying it no less than Ki lol.  What really destroyed me was the fact that Kilo expected a treat every time he came in for being so brave and honest in the snow…..  (shakes head).  Since i cant think of a song for this, i’ll give you Charles has a licking problem (lick lick).  Yes, i know, i’m a sick woman… 😉

I’ve just opened the curtain despite the fact that at 6.05am the suns nowhere near up lol but i want to be able to see the sunlight as it first hits the snow.  I want to see the sparklies, the pristineness and cleanness of Gods world.  After all, this is about the only time the world is ever clean.  And quiet.  Its so beautifully quiet when it snows, but for the shusshing sound of the snow falling.  Its tranquil and zenlike.  Granted country living is a quiet living (and i desperatly need that for what tiny bit of sanity i have left) but when it snows – its remarkably quiet – almost as quiet as my mind gets when grumps and i are out for a putt.  Or when i’ve had a tasty green spliff… excuse me while i light my spliff 😉

Im still dealing with this damned insomnia too, but the fact that i’m outta my dalmane might just be part of the reason.  But right now i cant have it around me so today i’ll pick up the 5mg melatonin.  Its a naturally occurring substance in your brain (regulates your circadian cycles) and it DOES help me sleep – oh and the dreams rock!.  In 2 weeks i’ll get my dalmane refilled and give it to grumps to ration.  Seeing as i am a professional abuser and an even more professional attempter to taker outter, i have to have him monitor (ie hold) some of my meds.  In thinking about it, that may be the first adult action i’ve ever made lol.  I must stop doing that – it sets a precedence and as being socially unattractive, i can not allow that!  I even stayed home friday night rather than go out with my bff to the bar like i always do because i had had a very bad week, minime was just home from college and i had finally had both kids home, albeit for one night as manboy split for florida for his christmas vacation friday night lol.  But he said the words i long to hear as he left – I LOVE YOU MOM.  i cried.  That boy is even moreso my life than minime – he’s truly a minime in personality.  Now burger – that doesnt lessen my feelings for you in anyway, shape or form.  I love you both equally – just differently as you are both different people.   duh.  A moms work is never done…  but my children are my greatest accomplishment, my greatest achievement – my shining glory.  I did good.  Dont know how, but i did it lol.

But back to the subject of today, and probably the subsubject of the next few posts lol or hell – thru may.  Snow.  lots of it.  snow.  ew.  Yes, i made up the word subsubject and you’ll just have to like it.  Back in the backwoods where i live, once it gets cold the water that constantly runs across the road at some houses has turned into ice flows that will NOT melt until roughly mid april.  i kid you not.  would i lie to you?  really?  would i?  Its a phenomenon i never saw till my bff’s moved out here and i came out to visit one winter day.  HOLY SHIT PEDRO – WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?  he laughed and said that’ll be there till april.  Now that we live a half mile down the road from them – i believe it.  I’ve also slid down my hill, across the road below and into the creek during several snow storms.  Since then – quasi substantial snow – i dont go to work.  I aint payin the deductable as i dont make enough in one day to cover it lol.  During yesterdays blizzard, the plows only came up our hill once.  We then saw them a couple of times plowing and salting the road.  They knew if they went back down teh hill, they wouldnt be able to get back up.  (they do a terrible job btw).  At one point i found out i ran outta smokes.  Since i am a professional smoker, i had been stocking up hte few prior days on smokes (or so i thought) and i thought (i should know better than to think) i had enough to get thru till today.

I was wrong.

So i told grumps i was outta smokes and the riot act began.  I told him if he was gonna cry about it, and that he was old and didnt like having fun anymore, i’d get dressed (yesterday was an official schelp day), take larry out and go have fun in the snow and get smokes because even though im 44 – im’ socially unattractive and i LIKE doing donuts in teh snow, sliding sideways thru curves, fishtailing thru turns – its a turn on lol.  You see, my Larry has 4wd – she’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo!  I am the Larry Queen – I can do anything!  (rip off of Jim Morrison’s I am the Lizard king, i can do anything).   I just looked for a vid of Jim doing I am the Lizard King, I can do anything but couldnt find one but god do i remember oh what a slammin hottie he is.  Hell he was so hot his voice alone could sleep around!  I even had a shrine to Jim when i was a teen!

But i digressed from the tale lol.  Its an occupational hazard for the socially unattractive.  So grumps being grumps simply put his little foot down, turned into a knuckle dragging caveman and forbade me (?!?!?!) from going out in this weather (uh, i’ve gone out in worse for worse lol).  So he attempted to go to the turkey hill down the road in the truck.  (im chuckling quietly to myself now – and then).  He didnt even make it down the first grade of our hill lol.  He braked and slid.  Figured he’d unbrake and see what happened.  He sped up – braked again and slid sideways even more.  He got turned around and barely made it back up the first part of our hill.  (its a REALLY BAD HILL).  I suggested when he came in why not take larry, she’s got 4wd babe.  Grumble grumble growl growl.   So an hour later after he thawed out he gave up and said i’ll try again in larry…

He took off in 2nd gear, got down the hill no prob.  Got down telegraph NO PROB and chirped me – thats it, i’m trading the truck for an explorer!  i said, why dont you just get a jeep babe (chuckling evilly while saying it).  He dropped her in 4 hi and off he went.  Now you have to understand something about the backwoods where we live.  Telegraph is our only access road and they do not plow back here at the earliest… until oh say 11am.  He had talked to his bff who had gone out earlier and said 340 wasnt plowed, 10 wasnt plowed but 30 was.  Now 340’s no big deal really but 10 is a major access road north/south however….. with the winds that blow around here it gets major and i mean MAJOR snow drifts across the roads making it at times all but impassable even after a plows just gone thru, its that bad.  Its farm country so the snows from the farms gets blown back over the road.  While i can be a daredevil at times, there have been times i have been truly afraid on rt 10 trying to get to wawa or wallyworld.

I glance out the window.  The light is trying to make an appearance meaning its a grayish light outside.  Still dark, but the snow is making it grayer than darker.  The snowcovered limbs of the trees hang low (the snow wasnt all that wet fortunately) inviting you to walk under them so they can shake their baggage all over you while laughing quietly to themselves.  There is no predawn glitter yet – judging from firefox’s weather browser thingy its cloudy.  Figures.  My lone azalea is so heavy with snow its more of a low fat white bush than anything else lol.  But i love seeing the snow drifts up the sides of the tree’s.  I find that fascinating.  Why? got me.  its just neat.

Its still getting brighter out but no glitter.  I have a feeling i’m going to get screwed out of one of the few pleasures i have of the snow and by tomorrow i am going to absolutely HATE it again.  I even think we have a party to go to today, but i doubt we’ll make it.  its too far a drive for the day after a blizzard, even with larry’s remarkable capabilities (ALL HAIL LARRY: huzzah, huzzah).

I’ll go out and take some pics later or better yet, have minime take them cause her camera’s better than mine lol so you can share in my, ahem, joy.  As this was our first snow of the Christmas season, the only fitting song i can leave you with is from our old friend Dean (Rest in Peace my friend).

The weather outside is frightful
the fire’s so delightful
but since we’ve nowhere to go
let it snow let it snow let it snow!

I really miss the Rat Pack!