good morning gentle readers, an excellent cuppa is up if your interested.  I truly hate this time of year, but for the birth of Christ.  Its a time of horrendous memories, nightmares, anxiety and panic attacks – you name it.  How i’m getting thru it without using is a mystery to me and i’ve been clean for 14 years.  I hang on the brink of insanity at the best of times but this time of year its literally second by second at times.  That being said – one of the few joys/memories i do have of this time of year is Christmas lights.  As a child my parents would bundle my sisters and I up and off we would go to look at the Christmas light displays- and many of the east coast old money estates on the main line of philadelphia really did it up incredibly.

There is something about the twinkly lights of Christmas time that i find soothing.  They are so pretty – the blue lights are my favorites lol.  I dont really like the blow up displays though.  They kinda suck, i dont find them really Christmassy.  Cheesy yes, Christmasy, no.  Now what the relationship is between the twinkly lights and the Birth of our Lord is i have no clue – perhaps it is to represent in some obscure way the Star of Bethlehem leading the Wise Men to the baby Jesus, i dunno, but i like them.  I like how the cascade lights trace the outline of a house.  I love how the multicoloured lights twine thru trees and bushes. My beloved twined twinkly lights around our stone fireplace the year we moved in.  I turn it on first thing in the morning so i can look at them all day long and be soothed.  We keep them up year round.

But back to Christmas lights Christmas lights lol.  When i was a child, we would go Christmas light hunting as i said – and my sisters and i would look as hard as we could to be the first to spot the Christmas lights!  When they were spotted, the chant would go up – CHRISTMAS LIGHTS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! and we would laugh and shout and oooh and ahh at the majesty of the displays.

Fast forward to say 15 years ago.  Im a parent now and its my turn to take my children Christmas light hunting.  I can hear it in the memories of my mind the giggles, the excitement, the happiness that i am trying to give them that i had as a child – the beauty of Christmas Lights Christmas Lights.  My car literally rocks as they jump around trying to be the first to spot the magic twinkly lights and the chant goes up CHRISTMAS LIGHTS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and we all ooh and aaahhh at how pretty they look.

Sometimes the wayback machine doesnt hurt.