Good morning gentle readers, coffee’s up!

As you can see by the links on the right, i actively support several interests and one of the ones i am actually really excited about is the BlogSpark banner you see.

BlogSpark is a site that bloggers join in order to do product reviews” on various items  and then blog about their experience with said product.  BlogSpark came very highly recommended to me by a good friend and while it took a while for me to get things going (again, i am socially unattractive lol) i received my first “Spark” to try and review for you, my readers.

This Spark comes to you from BlogSpark courtesy of General Mills Foods and its purpose is to inform my readers that General Mills Foods has taken a pro-active step in reducing the amount of sugar they add to their breakfast cereal targeted to kids under 12 (which we all know our kids LOVE to have first thing in the morning).

Now, its one thing to give our kids a sugar rush during the weekends when they have the time and inclination to work it off by playing outside, but its another thing to send them off to school with a sugar high.  To me, that seems counter productive as children need to be focused and able to sit still and concentrate.  In case you haven’t noticed, and if you haven’t, where have you been all these years, most if not all cereals marketed towards children are primarily made up of sugar and, in my very honest, opinion, food dye.  Bright food dye along with brightly coloured packaging aimed toward attracting childrens attention.

You couldn’t pay me enough money to feed my kids that crap when they were children and again, i am socially unattractive and i enjoy going against the norm.  I didnt care how much they screamed at the store, my children were NOT getting cereals made up of sugar and very little else of nutritional value.

Can we say Hello Cheerios, Hello Wheaties, Hello Lucky Charms and Trix (those were the ONLY sugary cereals i would allow my kids to have and only on the weekends).

But Jen, why are these all General Mills Cereals?  Well – i am a brandwhore.  I grew up with these cereals, I believe in name recognition especially when i can associate them with good memories, good taste and more importantly, good nutrition.  (The good nutrition part came after i grew up and became a parent).  Cheerios – promotes good heart health and is proven to reduce cholesterol (and i just love cheerios anyway).  Wheaties – aw – its just good for you.  Ok, the Lucky Charms and Trix – kids just love it.  And get this – are you aware that ready to eat cereals are the number 1 source of whole grains in childrens diets today?  Unreal.

But whats most important – is that the amount of sugar being added by General Mills Food targeted to kids under 12 is being REDUCED to single digit grams while not losing any of the flavor that makes the cereals taste so good.  Whats also awesome – especially in this economy, just by product reviewing General Mills Foods for BlogSpark,  i was able to receive VIP coupons from General Mills via MyBlogSpark. (HELLO CHEERIOS! *happy dance time* ).  I believe this will give you a coupon for $1 off General Mills Cereals!  What more can you ask for?

Now if that does not promote brand security, on top of the brand loyalty i already have, nothing will.  I would also like to give you the link to General Mills Foods so you can see for yourself just what makes them so good (i did not know cascadian farms organic’s were GMF hmmmm jenny wonders quietly to herself).

I cant believe i am actually going to do an “in closing” lol but… in all sincerity, i do believe in General Mill’s brands, not because of BlogSpark and the opportunity afforded me, but because I know what good is, i read labels and I care.  I care about my kids.  I care about your kids.

Do whats right by them.  Buy organic if you can.  Read Labels.  Monitor your childrens sugar intake. Make them exercise.  Make them read.  Make them laugh.  And give them cheerios.  Its good for what ails you!  =)