damned groundhog punxatawny phil had to say today, gentle readers?  As cold as it is outside, I have a feeling groundhog stew will be in our future.

It always amused me – if he saw his shadow and ran back into his burrow we got 6 more weeks of winter.  If he didn’t see his shadow and frolics  around outside his burrow, we ‘d have an early spring.  Now really, please, someone tell me this – how can that damned groundhog NOT see his shadow when the burrow is totally surrounded by tons of bright lights and cameras???  Riddle me this batman.

It gets better, its 19 out now (i know this because i just got back from my morning smokes run) and they’re calling for snow this weekend.   At least the snow we had *snickering* over the weekend did stay mostly south of us and didn’t interfere with Annie’s birthday party at the bar which was heap big fun!  The local band played- they’re totally awesome but since suxanne is still proxying in every day thru sprint via Wichita, and insanejane is learning how to proxy thru different ports of british columbia, I wont name them. They did turn it down a bit but they were still very loud. They’re better as an outside band but by god they rock!

It was wonderful to get up and dance with tom again. It was a private party, invitation only – free food (wow) and beer (good for tom, bad for me, I don’t drink beer lol) and when they played that tune, I said well babe, you wanna dance?  He smiled and said I thought you’d never ask.  (hey – I though it was supposed to be the other way around lol). He got to re-meet my friends and found some old friends of his that I told him hang there but does he listen to me, no… lol.  Ok, he just doesn’t like that bar lmsao.  But i do and i did my first flaming homo…..

I did another totally unacceptable socially unattractive thing – i did our taxes yesterday and e-filed lol.  Local taxes will wait until 4/14.  I hate taxes and i hate our local taxes even more.  Hmm i wonder how one deducts a foreclosed mortgage, lmsao.

I need to go find the farmers almanac and see what they have to say about the rest of the winter.  I was talking to someone yesterday who said we’re in for a good 3 footer of snow this month.  Uh, what?  3 foot of snow in february?  Huh?  well historically february is the snowiest month.  but I don’t need another 3 feet of snow. *brightens up* that means larry and i get to go out and plaaaay!!!

I’ll tell you one thing though.  Its getting hard to type with the cold.  My hands hurt and my fingers are nowhere near as limber as they used to be and i like blogging in the morning.  Its quiet and peaceful.  the day’s stresses and anxiety’s havent set in yet.

Oh well – you take what you get and make the best of it.  And now, its time to kill…. 😉  Only a 1000 more points to my next level… mebbe…  <seg>