Good morning gentle readers.  I sit here looking out the window at another almost 2 feet of snow and think, really God.  Snow.  Again?  Is this some sort of cosmic joke?

We got so much snow that at one point during the night of the bleezird my beloved was awoken by the sound of our heater making its whoomp whoomp whoomp sounds, the sounds only a blocked by snow exhaust vent can make.  Its 2am, the fear is gone and up climbs my beloved onto the roof to move a crapload of snow away from the exhaust vent so our heater can warm us unmolested as i sleep soundly, blissfully unaware of the commmotion.  Ahh the arms of morpheous.  My best friend.  =D

Saturday morning arrives.  With a vengeance.  its still snowing.  With a vengeance and we have a driveway to clear.  Praise God we have 2 shovels and prior to the last snow fiasco i bought 100lbs of salt.  We still had plenty left lol.  I dont really like to use the salt if i dont have to.

Sitting here early saturday morning with my coffee i watch the howling wind blowing the snow and think crap.  crap crap crap, this is really going to suck.  There had to be a good foot and a half plus on the ground already and its still coming down fast and furious!  I finally stop procrastinating, bungle up and out i go into the storm to start digging out lol.

So i fell off the porch, sue me.  The porch has it in for me im tellin ya!  Let me put it this way – there was so much snow, i forgot about the last 2 steps… *kinda sorta abashed look here*.  Land on my feet i did and quick turn around to make sure my faux pas wasnt witnessed! Whew – safe.   I managed to clear a path from the missing bottom steps to the shed so we could get the spare kerosene just in case then i started clearing a path to my beloved Larry!  Larry gets dug out first, she’s my baby and with her 4wd – she can get us anywhere we need to go in an emergency!

We lucked out compared to our southern counterparts in this bleezird – they got the wet heavy snow.  Our snow was very light and fluffy – i could literally “broom” it from side to side with the shovel and only dig when i got to the bottom!  It made for much easier and quicker shoveling or so i keep telling my aching muscles today.  Anyone have any advil?  My kingdom for some advil!

Knowing what i do about health and shoveling, i took my time, used my knees and took frequent breaks.  I went in after i got the path up to the front of Larry as by then, my fingers were dead numb.  I dont like that very much.  I felt fine, i was totally layered out but my fingers… well, i’m sure i’ve complained about my fingers/hands here before and my hatred of the cold and its effects on my hands.  Sat in front of the fire (grumps started it at 6am lol) to warm up and he started layering up – Praise God – i was getting help!  Revisiting the fire real quick – fires and bleezirds go together like peas and carrots!  It just works.

Gumps heads out (and doesnt fall off the porch – gee i wonder why…) and starts working on his truck and i follow shortly after.  Between the two of us, it took us about 2 hours to completely dig out and that includes the romantic tackle in the snow! <seg>  We were completely done by 11.30am before the storm stopped and sure enough, we couldnt have been in the house 10 minutes when the plow truck goes by.

Now we dug out into the road and dug “corners” out of the end of the driveway for a turning radius.  So help me god mutters grumps – if he plows us back in, i’m gonna beat him to death.  I’m right behind you babe.  I’m sitting here watching the plow in disbelief 15 minutes later when i see them plowing out the end of our driveway – you know – when the plow goes by it throws up that wall of snow across where you so achingly dug out an hour ago?  Dude redug us out and improved on our corners!

BABE – THE GUYS HOOKED US UP!  grumps runs over to the window in as much disbelief as I and shook his head.  Will wonders never cease he mutters quietly.

It was wonderful though knowing that we accomplished one helluva task, quickly, efficently and thoroughly.  Its a sense of self achievement that only comes from the hard work that your survival depends on.  Life Affirming.  And makes you very hungry <VBG>!

I really should have picked up that bottle of vodka and baileys’ on friday though.  I know where i will be monday morning.  I shall not be unprepared again!  😉  Bleezirds are much more fun when you can schlep with your beloved, drink white russians and watch the snow fall with the fire snapping in the background…