Good morning gentle readers!  Welcome to Socially Unattractives first annual Monday Morning Stuporbowl Wrap-Up (on tuesday lmsao)!  I got sidetracked yesterday, and again, sue me!

It was a great game (for those of you who actually watched the game) – the New Orleans Saints took the Bowl for their first win ever in an underdog upset that my grumpy old man called in the first 10 minutes of the game (i was pro colts lol).  Turns out it was the most watched TV show in history, bumping my beloved M*A*S*H finale from the leaderboard. Which really sucks cause i watched that show lol.

Now.  I watch the Stuporbowl not for the game, but…. (that was a dum dum dum dum) for the commercials.  Its a habit, what can i say.  I am the epitome of short attention span theater and next to sitcoms, commercials are just the thing for me.  The funnier or cuter (most times) the better. So your favorite Socially Unattractive Jenny was taking notes during the game.

Taking notes during a Stuporbowl Game you say?  Why yes, I was taking notes during the game on what commercials caught my attention!  And at one point, my beloved happened to look over as i was leaning down noting some such commercial and asked WTH are you doing?  Um, i’m taking notes babe.


Im taking notes on the commercials babe (shows grumps the notes i’d been taking and dramatically pointed out the note at the top “Stuporbowl Fav’s for blog” and grinned).  He shook he head, rolled his eyes and went back to the game!  Such support for my literary endeavour eh? *snickering*.

Now – before i go into my disseration on which commercials caught my eyes, no Stuporbowl commentary would be complete without a shout-out to the PUPPYBOWL on animal planet!  Yes gentle readers, i watched the whole bowl (taped it too!) and tolerated the kitty half time lol.  Now – i’m a dog person, always have been, always will be.  A life without dogs is no life at all.  Im sitting there on the couch happy as a pig in chit watching the puppys play and grumps again said (ok, it was his first WTH) WTH are you watching?  He got, with a glare, Its The Puppy Bowl and you’ll have to deal with it.  If puppys dont make your heart happy, there is something wrong with you!  (and i’m not just talking to my beloved here).  He sat down like a good boy and within 10 minutes, he started giggling. 

I think it was the waterbowl cam that got him and he watched the entire bowl with me, giggling the whole time!  Its Puppy Time!  =)

Now!  On.To.The.Commercials!!!!  In no particular order of likeness and i do have to put a disclaimer here – i am not really a big fan of tv, movie and news show commercials = Sheldon from the big bang theory’s hacking into the stuporbowl was PRICELESS!!!

Budweisers “Bridge” commercial was funny as hell!

Doritos made a great showing during the bowl but my favorite was the mom’s date showing up and being intro’d to her son… i know you know what i’m talking about – 2 rules – dont t0uch my momma, dont touch my doritos!  I lost it!  Kudo’s to doritos for that ad!

Dodge Charger’s Mans Last Stand took a minute to figure out (and at $2MM/spot do you really want your audience to have to figure out your ad?) but the car at the end of the ad is worth a second or third look… nice updated muscle car!

VW’s updated punch buggy, especially with Stevie Wonder totally rocked and brought back wonderful memories of my first punch buggy experience with my son lmsao.  Cept ours was PUNCH BUGGY NO PUNCH BACK! OW!

Now.  We’re in the 4th quarter of the game and i am a die-hard Budweiser Clydsdale fan.  I’ve loved those horses since i was a child.  They are utterly magnificent animals and when they are in full gear, it takes my breath away.  I had, no lie, just been wondering where my clydesdales were when Bud’s Clydes came on with their “Fences” commercial. 

I stood up and cheered, a) because my favorite commercial was on and b) because Fences was a fantastic commercial – Bud came thru again!  I’ve always found their Clydesdale commercials to be totally awesome!

Last, but certainly not least was someones “Green Police” (to the tune of Cheap Tricks Dream Police).  I think it was meant to be funny but in this day and age, its a soon to be realization, in my socially unattractive opinon that is.   Can you imagine being busted for not being “green”?  I’ll be the first to go thats for sure.  Ok – that wasnt last – there was one more commercial and i have no idea who it was, but it was a hodgepodge of vids, pics etc from over the last few decades and i was amazed at just how much of “data” i remembered.  I wish i had noted what that was.  I do remember them saying you can buy the whole ad and the proceeds would go to Haiti if memory serves (quit laughing and shut up).  I’ll consider it, if only for nostaligia’s sake.

Well no Stuporbowl blog would be complete without a mention of the halftime show – and the Who did a pretty good job despite my abhorrance of song medleys.  But you gotta cut it down 30 seconds per song for time constraints i guess.  I heard some jumbles here and there during instrumentals but hey, you cant blame Roger and Pete.  What good did come out of it was the fact that i was reminded somewhere along the line that i did actually see the Who at LiveAid!  Whew, i thought they got past me for several years there.

So – the Saints came marching in, Mardi Gras is starting early in the big easy.  Good for them, they need a boost!  Nothing like a little self indulgence before a week of super self indulgence lol. But all in all, it was a good game, with some really good and really bad commercials.

I’ll call it a game! 😉  Just dont ask me about the snow we’re expecting AGAIN later today, into tonight thru tomorrow with the potential of up to another 2 feet of snow.

deep, heartfelt sigh.  Must.Check.Smokes.Stock……. Vodka, advil stock – check!  *cheesy grin*