Its me, Jenny.  Heh heh heh, i bet some of you thought i was going to say its me, margaret!

I think we’ve had enough snow now.  A foot and a half on the ground and its still coming down fast and furious.  I lay my shovel down in protest and hold my hand out as if to test the air:  i do believe its going to white russian!

I know now that shoveling snow in blowing wind SUCKS GREAT BIG DONKEY, um, well nevermind lol.  Snow stings.  Yes gentle readers, that white fluffy substance that makes frosty the snowman and wonderful snowballs, at 30mph, stings.  Fortunatly i was able to find the halfmask i bought at the harley open house at york several years ago, or was it the local bike show a few years ago?  I dunno.  It was warm and it kept my neck and lower face warm even though it fogged my shades up occasionally.

Shades?  You were wearing shades while shovelling?  Uh huh – i wear shades frequently due to debilitating migraines and extreme light sensitivity. sucks.  see above what it sucks <seg>.  Ahh ELP’s from the beginning on the music channel.  Sweet!

This has been a snow record setting season for the philadelphia area – we’re now at well over 70 inches of this white shit this year, surpassing the year grumps and i hooked up (which brought us a bleezird too.. hmmm i wonder.  was that a foreshadowing??? lol).  Hell we’re probably closer to 80 inchs and i’m wishin we were in texas with my friends.  Its warmer there and year round ridin.  You dont get much better than that.  I can deal with occasional cold weather lol.  God i’d kill to be on the bike right now.  Spring is right around the corner, my mantra right now is: its february springs coming, its february springs coming, february springs coming!  After this winter, we NEED it!

*snickering* grumps just came in from having finished up the shoveling, and his goatee and ‘stashe was all coated in ice.   Its the simple things in life that amuse me and make me socially unattractive!  *big grin*  He went out much earlier this morning to make sure the heater didnt do its whooomp whoomp whoomp sound from being blocked.  Yes, there is that much snow.

Ahh the white russian is doing its magic healing and i think i am going to wrap up todays commentary and dear god letter lol.  I hope all of you oute there who are getting screwed like we are, are safe and sound!  Everyone else – shut up!  lol 

Salud! <g>