Good afternoon gentle readers!   Yummie goodness you ask? Yes indeed yummie goodness.  Today i am fortunate to bring you a MyBlogSpark product review and . . . . a MYBLOGSPARK PRODUCT CONTEST (lights flashing, sirens blowing)!  Please see details regarding the contest rules and requirements below, after my review.


In today’s world, breakfast is often overlooked due to the fast paced nature of life.   We’re in such a hurry to get to work, to the store, to the gym that breakfast often falls to the wayside.   But on the weekends, we can take the time to cook,  and bake some yummie goodness!

Now – baking is an art.  Sadly though it requires a skill set and patience i do not possess despite my love of cooking (there is a difference between cooking and baking, TRUST ME!).  For those of you, like me,  who are baking challenged (and those of you who do not live near the Amish like i do and are not blessed with an abundance of homebaked yummie goodness lol) THERE IS PILLSBURY TO THE RESCUE! (imagine the triumphant trumpet fanfare, requisite confetti etc!).

Pillsbury, in conjunction with MyBlogSpark provided me with a VIP coupon for their Orange SweetRolls and Great Googeley Moogeley is my first reaction.   But i’m getting ahead of myself.  In true Socially Unattractive fashion, there was a snow delay and it took 3 trips to the store to FIND these rolls.  I KNEW it would be the third store i went to lol.   I get home and immediately read the directions because i am hungry and i cant wait to try them.  Again, im baking challenged so if its easy and jennyproof, i’m all for it.

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls

The directions are clear, concicse and easy to follow!  And – if you are not “prepared” for baking (like me…), you can use a baking sheet rather than a cake pan just as easily (you know how you always see cimmanon rolls all cooked in a circle together lol).  Preheat your oven to 375, clean up your work area, grease your pan or sheet, arrange your rolls and when your oven is heated – put the pan in the oven and boom.  Sit back and wait.

You know something is going to be good when you can smell the cimmanon within a minute of putting it in the oven!  (yes cimmanon – its also psgetti and meatbulbs for those of you who are wondering!).

Now, they have 2 timers for you depending on how you’ve arranged it (pan or sheet).  As i used the sheet, i set my timer to 9 minutes and by the time the timer went off, my mouth was drooling.  I took them out of the oven, they were nicely browned and had that “look” about them.  I let them cool for about 5 minutes before putting on the Orange goodness.  Please hold on. I must go get another one.  Its that good.

The sweetness  and tang of the Orange icing is the perfect counterpoint to the cimmanon rolls and i really think i like this better than the regular cream cheese icing.  I never thought i would say that.  Its almost a betrayal of everything i am lol.  I can in all honesty say that Pillsburys Orange Sweetrolls will be a frequent visitor at our sunday breakfast table.  I cook on sundays.  Who doesnt?  Ok, dont answer that lol.

Now, as for the contest… Read on MacDuff…

Now, like i stated above, this review and contest is brought to you courtesy of Pillsbury via MyBlogSpark and i was provided a coupon for a free Orange Sweet Roll package to bake, taste test,  review for you – and to provide a Product Giveway/Contest – and the gift is a Lovely Picture Frame with 2 photo inserts holding 4 pictures total along with a VIP coupon for Pillsbury’s Orange Sweet Rolls.

This contest for 1 Black Picture Frame and 1 VIP coupon for Pillsbury’s Orange Sweet Rolls, to be provided by MyBlogSpark courtesy of Pillsbury will be open until Noon Sunday,  February 21, 2010 and will consist only of commenting on todays review as this is my very first blog contest.  As i get more more sophisticated with this idea, i’m sure i’ll get more creative with my rules but for now, i prefer the keep it simple silly method.

Please note: Your email address MUST either be in your comment or available on your  profile or your entry will NOT count!! – Giveaways are open to those with a US shipping address ONLY and the winner must be age 18 or older.

The winner will be handpicked via a number out of a hat and that depends on how many comments have been left, total, by noon Sunday February 21, 2010.  If there have been 100 comments, there will be 1 comment picked out of 100.  The number’s comment winner will be contacted by myself via email for their name and address to be provided to MyBlogSpark the same day as response for shipping of the Picture Frame.

I hope you enjoyed this review and to the lucky winner, i hope you enjoy the picture frame as much as i enjoy mine! You can never have too many picture frames!

To the victor the spoils and PILLSBURY ORANGE SWEETROLLS!