it only took me 5 feet in 4wd to get out of my driveway this morning gentle readers!  We’ve had temps in the lower 40’s the last weekish and the snowpack is slowly melting (which means there is only a foot and a half of that crap on the ground lol).

The ice damns in our gutters are finally starting to melt and break up and are coming down with some major crashes, which can be quite disturbing during the day, ie WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???  It startles the dogs too lol.  Kilo, the heinous hound, isn’t too bothered by it but seeing that Pez, our westie is annoyed by leaves that fall, anything that crashes near our house is cause for alarm and much barking!

I’d love to give a shout out to the fine and courageous plow truck drivers of PENNDOT for doing a wonderful job in clearing all the snow off our roads but i’d be lying.  They did a shitty job as usual.  Now granted, the Philadelphia area doesnt get this much snow.  But we get enough snow every year that the plow drivers ought to be able to properly clear 2 lanes of roads rather than the usual one and a half. . .  Dont get me started on the plow job they did on our only access road to the main roads.  If a heavy tractor front end loader spins out while trying to move over so you can pass them while they’re cleaning up after PENNDOT, it makes you wonder.  (this is my little bit of mockery for the day).

But enough of that gentle readers.  My frustration abounds during the snow season. I’m a biker.  I like it hazy hot and humid.  I like the spring and summer when grumpy and i can get on the bike and rock down the highway.  Im not that fond of the fall (its getting cold and i abhor the cold lol) but i do enjoy the smell of the chill, exhaust, oil and the leaves on grumpy’s leathers when he comes back from a fall putt.

Ahh Golden Earrings Radar Love.  I’m in desperate need to get on the highway and open Larry up (if she only would go faster than 60mph lol).  I feel the need, the need for speed.  OH DEAR GOD i just quoted tom cruise.   sigh.  Spring please come soon – maybe this year grumps will let me practice on the bike and actually let me fly solo for a change.  Seeing as i have my bike license and all ya know.  But he’s old school biker.  I ride behind him not beside him.  It only took me 7 years to talk him into letting me get my license lol.  His rationale for “not allowing” me to get my license all that time you ask?  The car that misses me will hit you and i cant let that happen.   Oh how sweet lol.  I broke him down though …  Im good at that.  Over time that is lol.  Good things come to those that wait!  =)

I am beyond thrilled at the response i had from the MyBlogSpark contest i had over the weekend and would like to thank everyone who stopped by to read and to thank all who participated!  It was a very enjoyable and successful first endeavor for me and i am looking forward to my next giveaway/contest!

I hope you all have a most excellent Monday!