Its snowing again, gentle readers and i honestly have no idea what snow totals to expect with this storm.  Here in the philly region we’re snow weary and tired of it.  Spring just wont get here fast enough for us.

There was a picture on the local news that really said it all – a picture of a huge snow mound, someone thoughtfully spray-painted in red OK, ENOUGH ALREADY (or something to that extent) and submitted it to the news.  I’d say that about sums up how we’re all feeling right about now, unless you’re a kid and love to go sledding lol.  Valley Forge Park is in its glory right now lol.  Hell every big hill is in its glory right now.  I still have a foot of that white shit in my yard!

I’m looking forward to yet another 2 days of digging out as the brunt of the storm is not due to hit until later today and tomorrow, and its coming with winds, again *thunk goes jennys head on her desk*.  We’re facing potential power outages as this is another heavy wet snow that can down trees and power lines.  Oh. Joy.  Someone remind me to stock up on vodka when we do our shopping bright and early this morning!  And advil lol.  And coffee!  =)   I can live without the advil.  I can live without the vodka.  I can NOT live without the coffee!

I am so snow weary that I find that I just dont have much to say other than come on already. Enough! lol.


but its not really working just yet and i find i am at a loss for a tune to share with you.  I’m bummed.  Wish us luck gentle readers, we’re gonna need it again!  Until next time, and i bid you a fond adieu!