with this latest storm gentle readers and grumpy and i just got in from shoveling out the snow and driftover we did get.   I’d say the total snow we did get was roughly six inches but what made it worse was the snow drifts from the high winds we’re dealing with today.  But i swear it only took us an hour this time.  At least it thats what it felt like lol.

I sit here with my white russian and wonder when. When will this damn winter be over?   This is truly a history making winter for the philly region and in a way, im kinda tickled to be a part of it. Why i have no clue considering my abhorrence of all things cold.  But as i look out the window and see everything snowcoated, pristine and clean, i do find it soothing, pretty and sparkly!

Grumpy and his buddy tried their best to make it to work this morning and were back home 3 hours later, after making $30 pulling people who were stuck in the snow out of the snow (one of which was a box truck lmsao).  Out here where we live in the country (and i mean COUNTRY), the wind blown snow over farm fields wreaks havoc on the roads making them all but impassable.  As his bud fortunately just put on brand new rubber on his truck, they had serious traction which enabled them to bunny hop thru some of the bigger drifts but there was just no way they could get to work.  (again, we live in the country…).

As we live at the top of a very bad hill, grumps was dropped off at the bottom and almost couldnt make it to the top!  But he did and i had a nice hot cuppa tea waiting for him, like a good loving and caring wife should.  We then curled up, safe and sound and enjoyed each others company and the day in relative warmth and an afternoon of a Eureka marathon and white russians! 😉

Ok – the nap was a nice touch too!  Once again the Heinous Hound and The Pez turned into SnowDogs with Kilo laying prone in the snow (this is the dog who can not stand water of any kind lol) and The Pez doing his rolling all around gig lol.  They are so funny when it snows and again, they expect to be feted for being so brave and honest in the snow and we praise and treat them when we bring them in.  Dogs.  I simply can not imagine a life without them.

So on yet another snow day in the philadelphia region, this one with howling winds and blowing snow i wonder: when will spring get here?  I do not know.  But i know one thing for sure, this will be one spring and summer i wont take for granted.  As after all we’ve been thru this winter, the blessings of the greening and warmth will be heartfelt and appreciated.

But it wont come soon enough for us!  And as the days get longer, the clock gets turned forward and we’re putting down 340 on a warm sunshiny spring day and the winter is a memory, i know my thoughts will turn back to this winter and i will think wow.  What a long strange trip its been.