to be alive yesterday gentle readers – the weather co-operated and grumpy and i got our first putt in of the year!  It was a balmy (for this time of the season lol) 54 and brightly sunshiny, so we leathered up, warmed up Zen and off we went.

Ok, it was cold and you know how much i abhor the cold but by God in Heaven it knocked the cobwebs out of the graymatter and yes, chilled me to the bone but the peace of mind i felt as we putted down 340 made the chill worth it.

As usual, it was colder on the hill we live on but once we descended to the level where mere mortals live lol it warmed up to a decent level of cold and with the neck wrap on i soon was able to not notice the chill as much.  Fingers were numbed up quick even with my gloves but with the glory of the ride – who cares?  We were on the road again, the wind my hair, my face to the sun and smiling.

Its a trite and tired old expression but if i have to explain you wouldn’t understand.  However i was informed i’m not allowed to be armed on the bike this year lol.  Armed meaning holding anything that can be construed as a weapon.  I have been known to throw soda bottles at cars tailgating us and i did try to kick another biker off his bike once.  Thank God i have a husband with remarkable riding skills and the patience of a saint *grinning widely*.  But i try very hard not to allow the assholes on the road not to ruin my zen.  They cant help the fact that they’re assholes.  I just strongly believe that stupid hurts and i should be the one hurting them when they endanger us.  Its a jenny thing lol.

But what also made yesterday such a wonderful day was that minime came home for spring break!  Now that she’s a college nerd we dont get to see her all that often but knowing that she is in her element doing what she does best is what gets me through the sad times.  Parent hood is the most rewarding job in the world yet at times the most sad.  Manboy is in florida doing his thing and i dont get to see him hardly at all anymore and i miss him with a sadness that hurts my heart so that it feels like it will rip in two.  So that is the sad thing about being a parent – your children who you raised and cherished while growing up have now begun to spread their wings and fly away.  Empty nest syndrome sucks.  All those years when they were younger, grumps and i would say man i cant wait till… and now those years are here.  It blows.

So i wait for the sunny days to get on the bike with my beloved and roll on down the roads, aching for the zen that calms my mind.

It was a beautiful day, dont let it get away.