gentle readers, spring has sprung!!  After the long, cold, snowy winter from hell lol, I am totally enjoying the last weeks mild and balmy temps in the high 60’s and the last couple days temps in the 70’s!  Yup, you read right, here outside philly, we’ve had temps in the low 70’s and that means its bike time!

Well, the weekend before last we hit a nice high of 58 and grumps kindly asked – wanna go for a putt and i replied “are you kidding me – LETS RIDE!”.  Out came the leathers and off into chilly pre-spring air we went and by God in heaven i had forgotten how much i loved riding in this weather.  Everyone knows how much i abhor the cold but it was so good to get out into the fresh air and begin to clear out the winters cobwebs from the graymatter.  As it was still pretty damn cold, i was not prepared to go out for a long putt, an around the block was just what the doctor ordered and blowing down 340 made me feel alive again.

There is something about seeing the farms, the livestock and the fields being prepped for spring plowing that renews in you the fact that spring is coming, that the tides are turning and that hope springs eternal.  Despite my hatred of country music <g> i am a country girl at heart!

I’ve noticed now when i go out, the bulbs are starting to sprout, the daffydoodles, crocus’s and lilies of the valley are starting to spring forth from the thawing ground, which are the surest signs that the winter has released is frozen grip from us.  Now to find the iris’s and i’ll be tickled purple!  (Next to daffydoodles, they’re my favorites).  I live for spring gentle readers, even more so than summer.  Its the renewal of life in all its beautiful colors and glory, a reaffirmation of everything that is good in the world.  When i go out and about now, i’ll start seeing the livestock with their newborns, sometimes just hours and even minutes old.  Life at its most glorious moments.  The cycle of life begins again.

All of that is even better when i’m on the back of the bike.  Its more personal, more intimate.  I can almost reach out and touch it. I become so much more a part of the world around me when i’m riding with grumps than i do when i’m caging it.  I’ve been on the bike almost every day this week with the exception of a few and the last 2 days, which naturally were the warmest.  Why you ask?  I naturally had the migraine from hell lol.  I’m feeling better today finally and today is supposed to be 72 and TODAY WE RIDE!  I’ll have the windows open in the house to keep clearing out the winter funk from the house but today, today will be the grand poohbah of clearing out the winter funk from the graymatter.

A bright sunshiny day, my face turned towards the sun, the wind in my hair, a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  My legs wrapped around my beloved as we putt down quiet back country roads.  Life renews itself in me in the warm spring air.  It doesn’t get much better than that.