from Socially Unattractive gentle readers!  He Is Risen!  My apologies for not posting much lately, i who normally has so much to say just doesnt have much to say.  Who’d have thunk it?

On the bright side, i’ve survived my 11th wedding anniversary to an amazing man who i’ve been with for 15 years and am enjoying immensely the unseasonably warm temps we’ve been having here in the philly region.  Unseasonably warm you ask?  Hell Yes! Unseasonably warm!  We’re hitting highs in the mid 70’s which for early april is unseasonably warm!  And as anyone who knows me knows thats BIKE TIME!

We took a glorious putt yesterday out 322 to an amish pretzel shop where they make home made soft pretzels!  While not quite a philadelphia soft pretzel (the standard by which all soft pretzels are measured), they’re damn close and since it was a saturday, they were on sale @ $0.25/ea!  Oh Hello Dolly!  So i picked up $5/worth and got some of the horseradish mustard which cant be beat and came home and began to inhale them.  Yes, there are still some to be had today!~  Its A Miracle!

But on a really brighter note, the daffydoodles are in full bloom, i havent seen a crocus to save whats left of my soul lol and the amish are now in full plow.  Ive seen minimoos sometimes minutes old at the farm down the street at times almost wrecking larry trying to look to see the newest addition.  I’ve seen what i think are a couple  baby baa’s (lambs lol) too (that goes for sheep as well lol).  By God in Heaven I think He made country life for me.

Next to finding the grumpmeister, leaving my old stomping grounds and moving to the country was the best thing i ever did.  And i cant get far enough away from my old grounds.  That being said, i was blessed in that i got to spend the day last week meeting a new bff and spending the day with her and then going back to her place (after going to the stable and being introduced to her horse which was uber awesome) and renewing my friendship with her fiance, who was my bestest friend back as a teen – and he was, is oh whatever someone i have missed terribly despite the trouble there was during the dark days.

It was like those days never happened and i was welcomed back to the fold with joy and good humour and made to feel like all was well again.  I was gently teased bout the silver in my hair (i reminded him about the gray in his muzzie lol) and it was like old times, but new and improved and the music was as awesome as ever.  I’ve been welcomed back.  I was so happy when i left i could have cried.

We three will be getting together again and that fills my heart full of happiness!  Ive been blessed again with the return of childhood friends and this time on an adult level.  How much luckier can you possibly get?

im trying to think of a tune to leave you with that would adequately describe my mood over the last week, to describe how happy i was at seeing my bestest bud and his affianced who is a hoot in an of herself and my joy at hte balmy weather but i’m drawing a blank just like i’ve been drawing a blank at what to write.  I get an idea to write something but by the time i get home from wherever i’m at, the inspiration is gone.  Thank god i dont have a dead line.

although on a bummer note i see my stalker and her little minions are here “monitoring” my blog on a semidaily basis.  all i have to say to her is my ducks are in a row, i was not privately humiliated like she was, i can post whenever i want without mommy and daddy watching me and i can subpoena ip records and those of your blackberry.  Every visit you and your little friends is screen shotted and documented for the futures sake.  Everything ive said can be proven.  You left quite the paper trail for one who claimes to be oh so smart.  *rolling eyes*.  So if you want to bring it – i’m waiting.  My resources are far better than yours. It would be in your best interests sux, to stay far the hell away from me.  didnt chicago teach you anything?  And if i have to pay to get a restraining order, i will be billing your family for it and when they refuse to pay, i’ll just turn it over to the collection agencies.  You see – i know more about THAT little bit of industry than you do.

but enough of the nonsensical rantings of lunatic minds.  they arent worth the time it takes to write although i do find it good to let it flow and let it go.  but my blog isnt dedicated to the mentally nad sociopathicaly disturbed among delphi.  My blog is dedicated to the observations of a socially unattractive jenny.  with a humours and self mocking slant that i do do so well lol.

after some serious thought, there is only one song that fits today.

Amazing Grace,
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
i was blind but now i see!

Thank you Jesus for loving us enough to die on the cross and rise again 3 days later to redeem us from sin and eternal separation from god.  There has been no sacrifice greater in the world than the love you showed us.  HE IS RISEN!