the other day and almost came home with a puppy!!!  now ya’ll know i’m a dog person lol, hell i have 2 of the mangy mongerels.  but i am a huge sucker for all things puppy related and thats not mentioning puppybreath (which goes without mention imo).  troy, the owner brought his puppies in, they’re part boxer and part Australian sheep dog.  they’re going to be magnificent when they grow up.  as soon as i saw him walk in with the crate i said put it down troy and let me at ’em lol.

so i open up the crate and hear the mewling sounds.  boom goes my heart.  i reach in and grab the first one i could find and pulled out this tiny black and white fur ball.  i.was.lost.  i’m sitting at the bar holding this little fluff of fur under my chin and hes nuzzling my neck with that tiny little nose.  im seriously considering bringing her home (the balance of power would have shifted slightly here had i done so lol).  i had already named her speck.

but it was with a heavy sigh 2 hours later when i had to leave, alone, as i knew grumps would kick my ass if i brought home another stray and i wasnt quite sure how the pez would have handled it.  kilo would have been fine.  He’s got a fatalistic approach to new critters – ki’s an existentialist dog.  its the pez i worry bout.  but the way i was looking at it, ki’s going on 8 and thats old for a big dog, we’re going to need a replacement child for pez when Ki crosses the Rainbow Bridge (may that day be far off).  Someone that pez can boss around like he does with ki lol.  we joke that we got pez to keep kilo company when in all actuality, its turned out to be quite the opposite – kilo is pez’s dog lol.

and as i sit here typing this, the more i think about it the more i like the idea of another dog.  i’m home to do all the training, something i wasnt able to do with kilo and pez. hell – pez litter trained himself when we got the cat pan for bones due to the bitter colds and bleezirds.  terriers are smart that way.  and i’d get to play with a puppy again and have the all important puppy breath and needle teeth!  i think i’m going to ask grumps if i can have another dog.  it just feels the right time to add to the circus.

And i am not a socially unattractive jenny if i dont jump on the perfect golden opportunity!