am i gentle readers but thats been segue’d to alice coopers no more mr nice guy and i find that more fits my mood any more.  why?  i have no clue.  its the quasi angry pop music that appeals to me.  that and i just love alice.  aahhh the bands the weight.  nice mellow choice.

ive been isolating gentle readers and neglecting you with my usual sarcastic and mocking posts about anything and everything.  the gray matters is otherwise occupied right now and writing has to take a back seat while i deal with the gray matter and for that i apologize to you gentle reader as i know there are several of you who follow my blog and i am grateful to you!  its nice to have recognition and appreciation.

ahh dont fear the reaper.   how ironic.   my music, my muse doesn’t seem to be on my side lately.  but the day is still ripe with promise i have yet to make myself presentable to grumps and the world.  hmm decisions decisions.

there is so much going on for me to mock and i just dont have it in me (who’d have thought that day would come lol ) and i feel like i’m letting you, my gentle reader, down.  i wish i had a lap top so that when i’m on the couch and get a brilliant idea i can boom blog it then rather than get up and come over here to the puter and wait for it to do its thing, ancient bitch that she is.   after all that i invariably lose my train of thought and get annoyed.   note to self – find a way to save money for a laptop.

kansas’s carry on my wayward son just finished up, whole nother story there and ahhhh my alltime alpha male Ted Nugent – free for all. oh so tasty!

Hmm if i’m not mistaken = thats spooky tooth’s evil woman playing.  thats why i like this channel – they play the classics you would never hear on the radio.  the real rock and roll.  this also puts me in the wayback machine mr peabody, my ex dedicated this tune to me lol,  fun times, fun times.

its all in how you deal with it i guess.