Good morning gentle readers!  Please accept my apology on taking so long to get back to you but life, in its ever quest to screw with my life got in its way lol.  to give you a quick catch up, i had a tooth yanked yesterday and not just yanked, the fucker had to go and break on me, necessitating the dentist to go in and dig out the roots.

Did i mention i have a fear of the dentist that rivals that of my fear of vampires?  So i told the dentist give me enough novacaine so that if i got hit by a bat and couldn’t feel it, he wouldn’t feel it either.  So i’m up early, in pain and drinking my gevailia irish cream/french roast coffee.  mm mm good.

But jenny you ask, how does this fit in with being a proud whack?  I was wondering when you’d get around to asking that <seg>. I found a forum on the platforum i hang out at adn we’ll just call them IOW.  I had been lurking as these ladies are funny as hell, compassionate to their compadre’s and what i assumed tolerant decent people.

Boy was i in for a rude awakening.

One post was about ones church breaking offf of the ELCU (or sumpin like that) because the ELCU now accepts gay’s as pastors and will marry gays and lesbians.  Now correct me if im wrong, but where in the bible is that permissible?  The lady in question went on on how she was married there, her kids baptised there and now the friends she knew for years were closed minded bigots.

Friends, i kid you not – this was written by the most closeminded woman i have ever seen, bar the responses i got for asking her why?  Why are her friends closed minded bigots when they are only following what the bible itself teaches.  It seems to me that the closed minded bigots here are the lady and her family for leaving a church that teaches church doctrine.  And when called on my scripture (oh they had fundie down pat) all they could come up with was the typical atheist doctrine of Leviticus.  I prefer Grace myself.  They reminded me why i stopped discussing the bible at all with anyone with a closed mind.  its a waste of time.

And hte gangbang began.  I was called all sorts of names, told what a closed minded bigot was (*all for asking why she felt that way – andi dont think i ever got an answer) you could even say i was cyberraped;  all this from supposedly openminded tolerant women – but unless you walk in lockstep with them, then they are the most closeminded people i have ever run across and i used to troll the religious forums for shits and giggles.

I was told not to call them and what they were doing gangbanging.  I asked them what should i call it as gangbanging by any other name is still gangbanging.  one whiner cried that she was raped and was offended by my gangbang remark.  get over it bitch.  i live to offend and offend to live and if our skin is that thin, you’re in the wrong forum.

I even started taking to one of the mods and explaining my point and apologizing for creating a firestorm and would you believe the rats that infest that forum had the unmitigated gall to tell me my apology wasn’t good enough, i didn’t apologize for being a hater and i frankly told the ladies to fuck off, i will not be told how to apologize etc. and if they didnt like it, :crickets:  The majority of hte ladies from the Isle are amongst the most intolerant bigoted woman i have yet to have the pleasure (or displeasure depending on my mood) to have met so far in my travels online.

ahhh i feel so much better now.  Im  a whack and god damn proud of it!  so bite me ladies.