Its a day late and a dollar short as usual gentle readers, but yesterday my little boy – the light of my life turned 18 years old!  It seems like just yesterday i found out i was pregnant and couldnt wait to get my ultrasound to find out what i was having, a boy or a girl – and when he finally decided to let us know what he was, i was beyond thrilled to know that Tucker Wade was going to make his entrance into this world.  At that time, i dedicated the song Simple Man to him – it is the ultimate song from a mother to her son.  This version is from Shinedown rather than Lynyrd Skynyrd as its more raw and today.

Nine months later labor started.  I decided that i was going to do this not really naturally but after the issue i had with minime, i decided to walk thru labor.  I will recommend to any woman in labor to walk it off as you are using gravity to assist with the birth.  However… by the time i was ready for the drugs, my doc said, its too late your having the baby!  Uh doc i dont think you understand, give me demerol NOW.  No jen, your past the point where we can give you the drugs so i had my beautiful son completely naturally.  You owe me son! lol  But shortly thereafter my son was born and handed to me – i looked into eyes that were so blue they were almost purple and said:  welcome to the world my son.  The nurse said to me what?  I looked at her as if she was nuts and said I just welcomed my son into the world.

My boy was blessed with eyes that at birth and for quite some time after, were so blue they were almost purple and impossible to resist.  I would put my children to bed and in my rocking chair i’d have minime on one side, and my son on the other and i would sing them songs till i was hoarse with Tuck saying “More”  “More” with his eyes shining and minime cuddled up on my shoulder.  That rotten brat always knew when i would make my favorite comfort food and would find wherever i was hiding and stand there like a little bird with his mouth open, point to his mouth and say “some” “some”.  With eyes like that, how can you resist?

I remember one year he had gotten into trouble with his friend mikey, another mopheaded boy with blue eyes and i was giving them what for and mike tried to turn the force of the blue eyes on me and tuck said, sadly, dont even bother, it doesnt work on mom.  If that boy had only known just how hard it was to resist those eyes and that face…  What my son quickly learned, to my greatest displeasure was how to work those blue eyes to his advantage.  I found out that he had a substitute teacher give him three tries on a test because “she liked his beautiful blue eyes”.

There ought to be a law against that kind of teaching lol.

Now as a mom, i naturally think my son is the best looking boy in town.  I found out that i was indeed correct when i’d see the girls all flock around Tucker – he’s quite the ladies man.  He is immaculate in his appearance – if its not cleaned correctly or has a crease that doesnt belong, he will take the time to rewash and dry his clothes.  He even washes his sneaks, which i find hilarious.  But he gets that, i believe from his dad tom (his step dad who’s a vietnam vet and is immaculate in his appearance).  Tuck watched tom from an early age polish his boots before he would go out, comb his hair, stash and goatee, make sure his shirt was tucked in and check his appearance in the mirror before he left the house, even for a pack of smokes.   I am very proud that tuck learned that from his dad – as you only get one chance to make a first impression and to tuck – the first impression is everything.

Of course i did all the wrong things that a mom shouldnt do – i teased my son about girls etc, not realizing at the time that my son is a sensitive kid with a heart of gold.  For that my son, i apologize.  You alone did not inherit your moms side of the family’s sense of humor. For that, y0u are a very lucky man because what we think is funny truly isnt – and what you think is funny truly is.

We had our years of adjustment i guess would be the word as he was a teenager.  Moms and sons trying to understand each other and what i believe brought us together to the best extent is music.  He’s a hip hop head but he does like the classic rock i brought him up on during pregnancy (and i took him to a guns n roses concert when i was 5 months pregnant and looked down and said listen up boy, it doesnt get any better than this).  We could almost bond over music.  We would talk about what he was listening to and its because of him that Eminem is my guilty pleasure.  I have Lose Yourself as my ringtone for txt messages and the message alone just blows me away – you can do anything you set your mind to it is how it ends – and thats what i told my son as soon as he was old enough to understand.  My son turned me onto music i love. Now Eminem has come out with a new album Recovery.  His song Not Afraid i dedicate to my son – we’ll walk thru this storm together.  And i watch this video over and over and im amazed at how much my son looks like Eminem, and im not the only person who sees it.  When i spoke to him on his birthday (the happiest day of my life) i told him that he looks very much like Em and he thought that was really cool.

I asked him if he had been to the tattoo shop yet (I am buying him a tattoo for his birthday) and as his pop pop is visiting,  they arent going to the shop as pop doesnt approve lol (he REALLY doesnt like mine lol).  But we discussed the ins and outs of getting a tat.  He’s designed his own which he had emailed me and i am very impressed with his talent and design.  I told him he needs to take it to the shop, pick an artist he feels comfortable with and talk to them about his tat and have them clean it up to make it really what he wants.

I am so very proud of my son and how hs is growing into the man i did my best to raise him to be despite our issues.  We’ve had our problems despite the fun we had slapfighing (rotten brat actually took me down!), and he’s seen some things a son should never see and for that i will never be able to forgive myself.  But from all accounts, he’s growing into a helluva man, a man to be proud of, a man worthy of being called a Man.

troubles will come and they will pass. you find a woman and you find love And dont forget son, there is someone up above. be a simple kind of man, be something you love and understand. baby be a simple kind of man, oh wont you do this for me son, if you can.

all that i want from  you my son is to be satisfied.

Happy Birthday My Son.  I am so very very proud of you and i love you more than life itself.