talkin bout my girl,.  good morning gentle readers.  today i pay tribute to the most amazing daughter a mother could have, as 21 years ago, i gave birth to minime!  this child was frighteningly brilliant almost from the moment she could talk.  I remember one night her father and i were at her grandmoms restaurant and she looked at all of us and said do you know that dog spelled backwards is God?  she was 2 at the time.

i remember nights when i’d put her to bed, telling her story after story with those bright eyes shining, with the opening of the story always said the princess looked JUST LIKE YOU!  and by the end of the story we’d both be laughing so hard it was impossible to get her to sleep.  but by the third night, she had the story memorized and could recite at will. and she did that with every story i told her.

i’ll never forget her first day of school.  i took the day off (and did so for both my kids for their entire school career) and sat at the bus stop with her and watched that child fearlessly climb aboard that bus and to her future.  i sat there and cried.  my baby was growing up.

by third grade, the school knew they had something special in this child and asked me if they could test her for the gifted program.  i discussed with her, explaning what the program was and asked her if she wanted to do it.  she said yes before i was even done explaining it.  she took the test and was very quickly accepted into the gifted program and i was informed privately that her iq in 3rd grade was in the 3 figures.  suffice it to say, i was floored.  well not really, i always knew there was something different, something special about minime.

Minime and the gifted class went hand in hand and she excelled in that as well as the regular classes she still had to take and made honor roll every quarter.  she just absorbed knowledge like a sponge and critical thinking became her forte, along with a natural ability/affinity with mathematics.  by 5th grade, she was more than able to debate her teachers and other adults, on their level.  I had compliments o’plenty about my daughter.  it also helps that she has a photographic memory.

i find it to be a gift from God to have the honor of raising this child.  to be able to watch her grow up, have her first boyfriend (oh that was a hoot.  she told me about young master michael and i loved it so much as young master michael had a pony tail and when i told dad, the growl HE HAS A PONY TAIL sent me shrieking and i sat there lovingly tugging his tail and said you have a problem with that??) oh fifth grade…

she took to every grade as a challenge, what could she learn, how much could she learn, could she surpass her teachers and in many cases she did, especially in the sciences and mathematics.  She took to calculus and physics like a fish to water.  frightening.  it is intuitive to her and she amazed her teachers on more than one occasion.

and then, summertimes.  she went to summer camp every year since she was 9 i believe and like school, she took to camp and  its activities and atmosphere as if it was just another part of her personality, and it was.  she went for years as a camper, then as a cit (counselor in training) and then, as a counselor.  she is a beloved member of the staff at her camp as well as the owners and many of the alumni.  we wont discuss the issues with her glasses….. right minime???   although the last glasses issue is one of my more favorite stories lmsao.  plus the various pulled muscles, an occasional horse injury, i’m glad i didnt name her grace lol.  i will say that i got a call, every year from the camp lol.  and my initial reaction was what did she do now?  we also wont discuss the fire nor the flooding.  as much as dad and i looked forward to summers when she would go to camp and then she and her brother would go visit their aunt for a month, i would dread camp as there was ALWAYS something. lol.

fast forward to high school.  again, the child excelled as usual, honor roll every semester. and she was in AP classes which i honestly think she was bored by.  so she took up music and again, my magical child took to music like fish to water.  there wasnt an instrument she couldnt figure out in a week or so and play – and play well.  So, she joined the school band playing, naturally the trombone.  Oh the stories of band practice when there was the unfortunate trombone incident taking out the entire brass section lol.  Thats my girl.  but the first year my baby played band, they went on to win the state band championship!!!  she loved band, i hated it because that meant that i had to stay up and pick her up late every band practice night.  if anyone has watched sinbads current routine – you’ll understand that lol.

on top of all that, she decided she wanted a job so i got her working papers and she got a job at a local convenience store but naturally, not the one right down the road.  no, that would be too easy.  she went to the one 4 miles away and father and i were the lucky ones who got to take her to work and bring her home.  we didnt mind in good weather, but she never understood why we gave her a hard time about taking her to work in the midst of a snow storm…..  however, she LOVED it when dad took her to work on the bike.  they’d pull up and ALL her coworkers were lined up at the window with their mouths agape!  she’d get off the bike, give dad my helmet and a kiss and off to work she’d go.  she would walk in and all her coworkers were like IS THAT YOUR DAD, HE LOOKS SO SCARY AND YOU’RE SO NICE!  she just said, dont piss him off.  and grinned.

she spent the years working at camp and at home saving for college – my child had already mapped out her future.  we had one hiccup and that particular university will never realize what they lost but my beautiful baby girl is now a sophomore in college – and i believe will be published with her one professors papers from last year.  as a freshman….  i dont think that happens very often, a freshman asked to assist a professor with their paper.  now she’s an RA which is the colleges equivalent of a counselor, which suits her to a t as she’s a natural at it.  shes programmed a heavy workload for herself, which is, for anyone else way too much but to her, like shrugging her shoulders.  i honestly think that if it was up to her, she would be a professional student as she loves to learn.  next summer she has a nanofabrication class.  dont ask me – i dont understand it.  she’s a physics and applied mathematics major.  however i see a very very bright future for her.  she will not let anything stand in her way – i taught her to fight for her rights and for what she wants and to not let anything stop her.  superman’s got nothing on minime.

i have yet to get her to understand that if i have to lie about my age, she has to lie about hers lol.  but no matter how old she is, nor what or where life takes her, she will always be my brown eyed girl.

I love you sunshine.  Happy Birthday honey.